Celtic History and Mythology

Welcome to the Celtic Art, History and Mythology section of Celtic-WeddingRings.com! Below are some samples of the Irish folklore that has served to be so inspirational to generation after generation of Irish scholars.

The Celts have left us a remarkable history. Occupying most of present day Eastern Europe, Greece, Spain, Northern Italy, Western Europe, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, the vast lands occupied by the Celtic people were witness to their ways for over 25 centuries.

A mystic race whose customs and literature were preserved through oral tradition, Celts are remembered as warriors renowned for their fighting prowess, and whose courage inspired exceptional artistic and poetic work for centuries.

Picture of The Children of Lir
Children of Lir
Picture of Tir Na Nog
Tir Na Nog
Picture of Brian Boru
Brian Boru
Picture of Viking Ship
Viking Ireland
Picture of the Ardagh Chalice
Ardagh Chalice
Picture of a Claddagh ring
Making the Claddagh
Picture of Cuchulainn
The Book of Kells
Book of Kells
Picture of the Fionn mac Cumhaill
Fionn mac Cumhaill
Niamh and Oisin
Niamh and Oisin
Salmon of Knowledge
Salmon of Knowledge
Celtic Goddesses
Celtic Goddesses
Picture of the Tara Brooch
The Tara Brooch
Tuatha Dè Danann
Tuatha Dè Danann
The Seal People
The Seal People
Niall of the Nine Hostages
Niall Noigiallach
Picture of Leprechaun
The Leprechaun
Picture of Banshee
The Banshee
5 Waves of Invasion
5 Waves of Invasion
Cattle Raid of Cooley
Cattle Raid of Cooley
Picture of Boudicca

Celtic Art History

The importance of gods and magical creatures is reflected in the imaginative Celtic artworks and in Celtic Art History. Celtic Art, distinct and beautiful, has inspired many unique designs and works including one of our most popular ranges, the Celtic Warrior Collection (inspired by the uniquely remarkable Ardagh Chalice).

Celtic art holds a significant part in history. Though hardly any written references and documents remain, Celtic art has inspired many notable and distinctive designs and works throughout history. The significance and history of Celtic knots has, for example, provided one of the most important and unique design elements related to Celtic artworks.

History of the Celtic Cross

With equal armed crosses enclosed or backed by a circle, the Celtic Cross is as popular today as it was important during the era of the Celts. The circle behind the cross has been connected to everything from sun worship and symbolism of the sun, to the eternal interrelated nature of everything in the universe. The significance of the delicate details and history of Celtic knots is an extension of this perception of the infinite nature and unification of everything that forms a part of the circle of life.

Celtic Mythology

Celtic myths go back through the mists of time. Browse through the tales that inspired many important artworks in Celtic art history. If there are any stories or history pieces you would like to see added to this section, please feel free to contact us and we will add your most popular choices.

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