March Claddagh Ring


Product Code : C-787

The Claddagh birthstone ring for March represents love, friendship, and loyalty either between two people or for one's self. If the person wearing the ring is engaged or already married, they should wear the ring on their left hand with the crown pointing away from their body to symbolize that their heart belongs to someone. If they are dating or in love, they should place it the same way on their right hand. For those who are single, they should wear it on their right with the crown pointing towards their body.

Aquamarine is the birthstone on this ring. This stone symbolizes creativity, health, perception, courage, and hope. The wearer is believed to be protected from liver, stomach, and heart diseases. The aqua and turquoise color of this stone has a soothing effect that symbolizes communication, strength, confidence, idealism, emotional healing, and protection. This ring is available in Silver, 10K Gold, 14K Gold and 14K white Gold.

This is a women's ring and so only available in sizes 4 - 9.5.

March Birthstone Meaning
Claddagh Ring Meaning