Celtic Earrings are the perfect opportunity to express ethnic Celtic heritage in an attractive and understated way. The Celtic culture is rich with symbolism, and one way to honour the history and fullness of the culture is by wearing the some of the classic Celtic symbols in jewellery.

Our collection of earrings features some of the most recognisable Celtic symbols including the Celtic cross, the shamrock, the triquetra (trinity knot), the Claddagh and the Celtic knot. Most of these symbols have been a part of Celtic culture for hundreds of years. These symbols are available in other types of Celtic jewellery as well, including the ever popular Celtic pendant necklaces.

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The design of these earrings is a Celtic Trinity knot. It has been around since early Celtic times. This symbol has no beginning and no end. This symbol was very important to the Celts, who believed in a strong correlation with life and things existing in three's.

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A whimsical play on the Celtic knot, these Croi stud earrings are sure to capture her heart. Paired with Celtic Love Knot Pendant, the beveled studs are the missing link to the ideal gift for Valentine's Day or any other day that you care to show your appreciation for the woman you love. 

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The incorporation of the Trinity knot into jewelry often represents eternity or eternal love, making these a sweet gift for your beloved. Choose these Trinity earrings in silver, 10k or 14k yellow gold, or 14k white gold. 

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The open knot design is simultaneously intricate and refined. Pair these with the Traditional Celtic Knot Ring to make a set for yourself, or purchase them alone as a compliment to your current collection. Available in Sterling silver, 10k or 14k yellow gold, and 14k white gold. 

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Ideal for nearly any occasion, these contemporary Celtic knot drop earrings vividly incorporate this venerated emblem into everyday life. Pair them with Simple Celtic Knot Pendant for a stylized, modern look! Available in Sterling silver, 10k or 14k yellow gold, and 14k white gold. 

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These Celtic earrings are not only elegant, but they are also full of symbolism. The Trinity knot symbol has been used four times to create one perfect square in each earring. 

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Handmade in silver, 10k or 14k yellow gold, or 14k white gold. Match these elegant Celtic knot earrings with Celtic knot pendant to make a complete set for that exceptional woman in your life. They also make a wonderful Mother's Day or birthday gift.

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Often, two or more knots laced together symbolizes the intertwining of two soul or spirits. Made by hand in Sterling silver, 10k or 14k yellow gold, or 14k white gold, these studs could signify the moon and sun, the yin and yang of life, or simply the left and right ear! Crafted to last long enough to hold more than one meaning.

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Available in silver, 10k or 14k yellow gold, and 14k white gold, these solid Celtic knot earrings will be in vogue for years to come. The open knot work is carefully fabricated by our craftsmen and is sure to please a range of tastes. 

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The symmetrical pattern is carefully handcrafted to be both simple and stylish. Perfectly compliments any outfit or hairstyle. Available in silver, 10k or 14k yellow gold, and 14k white gold. Combine with the Celtic Knot Pendant to make a matching set! 

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A delightful gift that shows someone you care, the studs are available in silver, 10k or 14k yellow gold, and 14k white gold. Buy them for a baby, a child, or to add to your own collection of jewelry. 

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These contemporary drop earrings bring this early Renaissance design into the 21st century. Suitable for celebrating a variety of relationships, they make a lovely gift for that special little lady in your life or for a god child. Choose from Sterling silver, 10k or 14k yellow gold, or 14k white gold. 

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Rose gold plated Trinity knot designs that lead into the perfectly shaped pearl. These silver Celtic pearl earrings make an ideal bridesmaids gift. As with all of our jewelry, they are handmade in Ireland and presented in a wonderfully crafted box.

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Light is your friend with these sparkling silver CZ Celtic earrings. A large cubic zirconia sits in the center and is surrounded by lots of smaller white stones. A gold plated Celtic knot flows through these Sterling silver earrings. Delivered in a beautiful presentation box.

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These Trinity knot pearl earrings with authentic Swarovski® crystals make the ideal bridal gift. The Sparkling Trinity knot designs are brought to a wonderful finish with two suspended pearls. They come with a luxury presentation box and coveted Swarovski® certificate.

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Two big emerald green cubic zirconias, surrounded by lots of sparkling white stones. A gold plated Celtic knot flows downward on these beautiful Sterling silver Celtic earrings. Handcrafted with care in Ireland, these earrings come with a luxury presentation box.

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Trinity knot earrings completely covered with authentic Swarovski® white crystals. These earrings are sure to attract attention, presented beautifully with a luxurious box and authentic Swarovski® certificate. Learn more about the meaning behind the Trinity knot by following the link below.

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These tear drop shape earring have sparkling white cubic zirconias lining the border. Nestled in the center is the gold plated Trinity knot design, thought to represent the three Celtic goddesses. These earrings come with a beautiful presentation box. 

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A sparkling set of silver green CZ Trinity Knot earrings. The deep emerald green cubic zirconia is set of by a host of white sparkling stones. The encrusted Trinity knot draws the eye. Celebrate your Irish heritage with these sparkling earrings - handmade in Ireland with care.

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Wonderfully encrusted Trinity knots lead to a large cushion shaped cubic zirconia, surrounded by a border of smaller stones. The silver CZ Trinity knot earrings make a statement. Presented in a luxury box these earrings are handmade in Ireland.

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These dangle earrings love to catch the light and sparkle. Beautiful Trinity knots are encrusted with sparkling white cubic zirconias. The Sterling silver stone set Trinity knot earrings make a statement. Presented in a beautiful box, these earrings are handcrafted with care in Dublin Ireland.

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Crafted in Sterling silver, the Celtic diamond Trinity knot earrings have an exquisite sparkle. These are sure to catch the eye. The contrast between the polished silver and the sparkling zirconias works perfectly. Handcrafted in Ireland and presented in luxury box.

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The twisted Trinity knot design in these Celtic emerald CZ Trinity knot earrings makes them quite unique. They stand out all the more due to emerald green cubic zirconias expertly placed in the centers. Handmade in Dublin, Ireland.

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Two stunning pearls are held aloft by a stretched Trinity knot design. Crafted in Sterling silver, these Celtic earrings make an ideal bridal gift. Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland, they comes with luxury presentation box. 

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You'll find that we have both simple and more ornate designs to suit all different preferences. Our unique earrings are available in silver, yellow gold and white gold, and our collection includes stud earrings and dangle earrings. Some of our earring designs can be matched with the same design in pendant form as well.

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Celtic jewelry has become more and more popular in recent history. Once nearly exclusively worn to represent Celtic ancestry, Celtic motifs have become fashionable and in-demand outside of the Celtic community as well. The contemporary Celtic designs in our collection seamlessly merge the traditional symbols with modern fashion styling.

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A pair of our irish earrings makes a perfect gift for a woman of any age. No matter whom you are shopping for (even if it's just for yourself), you're sure to find the perfect design in our considerable collection. You never have to worry about quality when you shop with us. All of our earrings are painstakingly crafted and custom-made. We only use the finest material in all of the Celtic jewelry we offer. We strive to make shopping with us as quick and easy as possible by offering a secure online ordering service and rapid turnaround on all of our orders. Not find what you were looking for? Check out our beautiful Celtic pendants.

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