Obviously, you want your Celtic engagement ring to be as unique and as special as your love itself, and what better way to express that than with a hand crafted engagement ring from Ireland. You can rest assured that all our diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process and are guaranteed conflict-free.

Our Celtic and Irish engagement rings are a wonderful way to celebrate your love.

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Our craftsmen have designed a Trinity knot for the shoulders of this engagement ring, which symbolizes the eternal life and never ending love, having no beginning and no end. This gives the ring a special and intricate setting with six prongs holding the diamond securely. 

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The Trinity Shoulder ring comes in either a silver or yellow gold band. At the shoulders of the ring are two yellow gold Trinity symbols that have been known to symbolize eternal love. Then directly in the middle is a sparkling cubic zirconia stone.

From $1095.00

The diamond set in this beautiful princess engagement ring is, of course, a princess cut and when you wear it you will feel like royalty! This is one of our most popular rings, it has the Trinity knot design on the shoulders known to symbolize the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. 

From $876.00

This beautiful 14k gold Celtic knot engagement ring features a sparkling solitaire diamond, but the difference is in the intricate white gold Celtic knots which form the shoulders of the ring. Handmade in Ireland by experienced craftsmen.

From $876.00

This is another of our elegant solitaire diamond engagement rings, this one has Trinity knot designs forming the shoulders of the ring. This ancient design still looks fresh and new, it is believed to mean the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. 

From $876.00

This exquisite solitaire diamond Celtic engagement ring has an intricate engraved swan design created from 14K gold to form the shoulders of the ring and has a four claw setting to secure the diamond. Inside the band you will see the hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office, as proof of quality and authenticity.

From $1095.00

Our highly skilled craftsmen have taken the ancient design of the Trinity knot and given it a modern twist, resulting in a beautiful setting for your choice of diamond, which is available in four carat weights. Four prongs hold the round cut diamond securely.

From $1095.00

The princess cut diamond in this stunning engagement ring is securely set in a raised four prong mounting between beautiful Trinity knot shoulders. The effect is classic and elegant. Available in all white gold, the diamond is available in a choice of sizes.

From $1095.00

Our 14K embossed Trinity knot engagement ring matches the curve of your diamond solitaire to a dancing pattern of Trinity knots and a delicately arching bridge setting for a motif of curves and rounded edges that forms a cohesive design.

From $1095.00

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they mean more when framed by a meaningful band. Our embossed Trinity knot ring with princess cut diamond offers just that, with its patterned band of Trinity knots rimmed by subtle crown studs along the rings top and bottom edges. 

From $1095.00

A love for the ages deserves special commemoration. Honor the timelessness and deep emotion of your relationship with centuries-old symbols of love and devotion found in our embossed Claddagh engagement ring. Handcrafted by Irish artisans and presented in a luxury ring box.

From $1095.00

Your love is extraordinary, so it stands to reason your engagement ring should be extraordinary too. Highlight the geometric beauty of your princess-cut diamond with our embossed Claddagh engagement ring. Handcrafted in Ireland and hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office.

From $829.00

If you love the engraved look, this lovely solitaire diamond engagement ring could be the perfect choice. The diamond is bezel set, which provides one of the most protective settings for gemstones. The gold is 14k and the shoulders of the ring are deeply carved into an intricate Le Chéile design.

From $4141.00

The ancient and famous Trinity knot design looks bang up to date in this stunning Celtic diamond engagement ring. Handcrafted in our own workshops by highly skilled Irish artisans before being sent to the Dublin Assays Office to be tested and hallmarked. A final polish and we ship directly to you.

From $663.00

This beautiful engraved Trinity knot engagement ring looks truly Celtic. It features several intricate Trinity knot designs carved into the shoulders of the ring and four claws hold the solitaire diamond securely in place. Choose from 14k white or yellow gold, your ring will be hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office.

From $1945.00

If you love the cool look of 14k white gold and the rich blue of sapphires, this beautiful ring with its .50ct oval shaped sapphire and two sparkling diamonds each side could be the perfect choice for your engagement ring!

From $1945.00

This is the white gold version of our beautiful three stone emerald and diamond engagement ring, the oval emerald is 0.50ct. and the total diamond weight is .16ct This ring looks truly Irish as the shoulders are formed from the traditional Trinity knot design.

From $1945.00

Rubies are the gemstone of love and this stunning engagement ring features a rich, red 0.50 carat ruby in the center of two sparkling diamonds, forming the trilogy design. The band is made from 14k gold and the white gold shoulders of the ring are formed from the ancient Trinity knot design which holds the diamonds.

From $1945.00

This gorgeous pink sapphire engagement ring is handcrafted from 14k gold and has a white gold setting, enhanced with Trinity knots which traditionally represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The center stone is a beautiful 0.50 carat oval cut pink sapphire, with a sparkling diamond on either side.

From $1945.00

This unusual engagement ring is the perfect combination of ancient and modern, featuring a 0.50 carat oval blue Tanzanite, a gemstone only discovered in the 1960's, and the ancient Trinity knot design forming the shoulders of the ring.

From $760.00

If you love gold and love the idea of a truly Celtic engagement ring, this could be the perfect choice. The shoulders are formed from traditional Trinity knots with their ancient meaning of eternal life, nature and love. The gemstone is a vivid green emerald of approx : 0.50 carat. 

From $2095.00

If you would like an engagement ring which looks truly Celtic, this beautiful ring, featuring a 0.50 carat emerald is the perfect choice. Surrounding the rich green oval emerald are ten sparkling diamonds and the shoulders of the ring are intricately formed from Trinity knots.

From $2045.00

This Trinity knot sapphire and diamond cluster engagement ring features the best of traditional and modern design. The blue sapphire is 0.50 carat and oval, surrounded by a ten diamond cluster. This ring is born to sparkle. The Trinity knot design shoulders represents the eternity of life, nature and love.

From $3020.00

For maximum sparkle, this Trinity knot, diamond cluster engagement ring is hard to beat. The total diamond weight is only 14 points less than a full carat at 0.86 carat. The seven diamonds which form the cluster are set in 14k white gold, as are the Trinity knots which enhance the shoulders.

From $1769.00

This beautiful trilogy engagement ring features three round brilliant cut diamonds in your choice of 1/4 carat, 1/3 carat, or 1/2 carat total diamond weight. The setting and the Trinity knot shoulders of the ring are carefully crafted from white gold, contrasting with the band which is made from 14k yellow gold. Alternatively, you can choose all white gold. 

From $1095.00

Handcrafted by our craftsmen here in Dublin, this classic design represents the past, the present and the future. To complete the look the shoulders of the ring are formed from the intricate Trinity design, that can symbolize eternal life, nature and love. 

From $1095.00

This Trinity knot trilogy engagement ring has a diamond with two green emeralds on either side, enhanced by the Trinity knot shoulder design. Handcrafted in Ireland from all white gold, the Trinity represents the Holy Trinity or the three Celtic Goddesses.

From $1095.00

This is an unusual version of our gorgeous trilogy engagement ring, this time featuring exquisite pink sapphires each side of the central diamond. Handcrafted from cool white gold, here in Dublin, your ring will be hallmarked by the local Assay Office.

From $1095.00

For this version of our beautiful Tanzanite Trinity knot trilogy engagement ring, our craftsmen have chosen cool white gold for the setting. There are two Tanzanites set in this beautiful ring, with a sparkling diamond in the center.

From $876.00

The band is formed from yellow gold and the setting, complete with intricate Trinity knots for the shoulders is crafted from white gold. This ancient design symbolizes spiritual growth, eternal life and never ending love and has no beginning and no end.

From $1315.00

This diamond Eternity engagement ring looks very modern, but is crafted from an ancient Celtic eternity design. Made from yellow or white 14k gold, it features four diamonds inset and to complete the Celtic look there are two Trinity knot designs forming the shoulders of the ring.

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What's the Story?

Who Will Want a Celtic Engagement Ring

The Irish engagement rings we offer in our catalog are ideal for virtually any buyer. In the first place, those with a Celtic heritage may want to give a Celtic engagement ring as a gift to celebrate the Celtic background of their family. If your ancestors are from Ireland or any of the other British Isles, then you should definitely consider one of these beautiful rings.

Those who want to use their engagement ring to signify more than just an intent to marry will also want to think seriously about this. You have several designs and symbols to choose from in our ring catalog, each of which conveys a slightly different meaning. Here are some of the Celtic symbols found on our selection of rings.

Celtic Knots

The ancient Celts were known for their beautiful Celtic knots, which feature intricate loops and other features. There is not much agreement as to what these knots originally signified, however, many use them today to speak of the interrelatedness of creation or eternity. Either meaning is a great compliment to her, as it conveys your intent to become one with her and to stay loyal for the rest of your life.

Celtic Knot Design

Triquetra/Trinity Knot

One of the most famous Celtic knots is the Triquetra or Trinity Knot. This standard symbol is found in many churches, particularly those with a high liturgical tradition. The three loops of the knot are said to symbolize the Holy Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — so this makes an excellent gift for Christians who are committed to their faith. Even those who are not Christians can appreciate the beauty of this symbol and appreciate its threefold symbolism. Some couples look at the three loops as representing mind, body, and soul. In such cases, giving one of these Trinity knot engagement rings can symbolize that you love your fiancée with your body, soul, and mind—indeed, with all that you are.

Trinity Knot Design

Irish Engagement Ring Features

All of our engagement rings are handmade, so you can be sure of their exceptional quality. Furthermore, we use only the finest metals and gemstones, offering you a variety of different choices for each ring. Do you love the classic beauty and luster of gold? Would the bride-to-be prefer the durability and strength of Sterling silver? You can get engagement rings in all of these metals and several others when you order from our catalog.

Irish engagement ring features

Gemstone Options

As far as gemstones, we know that diamonds remain a girl's best friend. However, there are also many women who want to break with tradition and choose another gemstone. If your fiancé falls into that category, then we have many Celtic knot engagement rings for you. You can choose emerald or sapphire for our Celtic knot designs to match her sparkling green or blue eyes. Brilliant red rubies are also available in our selection. Click on any of the available options to see just how beautiful diamond and non-diamond engagement rings can be.

Engagement ring parts

The Celtic Rings Ltd Advantage

We make it easy for you to order the proper ring for your engagement. Whether you are already engaged or your potential fiancé does not see a proposal coming, we can get the ring you want to your front door quickly and affordably. There is no time to waste when it comes to asking the most important question of your life, so we have made it simple for you to pick the right-sized ring and have it customized according to your preferences. All you need to do is click on any ring and use the pull-down menus to tailor your ring more specifically to your needs.

We want to be your only source for engagement rings. All you need to do is browse our catalog and select the product you prefer. We also have customer service representatives standing by to help you with your order. Contact us today for more information on your engagement ring — order yours today. Then go and check out our range of matching Celtic wedding rings or our beautiful Claddagh wedding rings collection.

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