Aine Princess Engagement Ring

  • Mount Only - Yellow Gold - $1095.00
  • Yellow Gold 0.33 ct - $1945.00
  • Yellow Gold 0.50 ct - $2660.00
  • Yellow Gold 0.75 ct - $4100.00
  • Yellow Gold 1.0 ct - $6550.00

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Aine Celtic Engagement Ring

Aine was the moon goddess in Southwest-Ireland. The diamond set in this beautiful Celtic engagement ring is princess cut and when you wear it, you will feel like a princess! This is one of our most popular rings, it has the Trinity knot design on the shoulders known to symbolize the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. It can also symbolize spiritual growth, eternal life and never ending love. Your ring will be handcrafted from yellow and white gold and four corner prongs hold the diamond securely in place.

Inside the band you will see the hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office, as proof of quality. All diamonds sold by Celtic Rings Ltd are conflict-free.

Ring Width: 3mm
Ring Weight: 3.5g

Diamond Setting: Princess
Diamond Color : H
Diamond Clarity : SI 1
Diamond Certificate : G.I.A.


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The Sun and the Moon...

Áine (“awn-ye”) is an Irish Goddess known by many names. She was originally known as a Sun Goddess with attributes towards love, cattle, and growth. Later on, she became known as a Moon Goddess, and in the County of Limerick, she is most notably known for being the Faery Queen.

She was the daughter of Eogabail, a member of the Tuatha de Danaan and foster son of Manannan Mac Lir the Sea God. In some legends, she is the wife of Lir.

She was nicknamed “Bright” in her role as the Sun Goddess. Also, it was in that role that she was known to be able to shape-shift into Lair Derg or “Red Mare”. This was the horse that could never be outrun, and often when she is drawn, a red mare is added in the picture. As a Sun Goddess she was also known for being over love and fertility.

Later, she would become known as the Moon Goddess, and as such she would protect her followers’ crops and livestock. Her festivities were held on Midsummer Night. Farmers would take torches and wave them through their fields in the hope that they would have a beneficial year. There are even farmers that still do this today.

One legend that was told about Áine the Moon Goddess was that every year on August 1, she would sit in her chair and give birth to grain. This was believed to be her way of giving grain to the people of Ireland.

Áine was believed to be incredibly friendly to humans, especially men. She wanted them to know the joy of sexuality and unity. By doing so, it is said that she gave birth to a plethora of half-human babies. These beings would create a new population known as faeries.

Áine was typically portrayed as a loving Goddess; however, there are stories that show her other side. These were times that she was being harmed. One story involves the second century King of Munster, Ailill Onum, whom decided that he wanted Áine, but she refused him. On being refused Ailill raped Áine during which she bit off his ear; thus, resulting in his name Onum (“no ear”). She later would kill him for full retribution.

She has also been known as a Triple Goddess, which so many Celtic Goddesses are. Some associate her as this type of deity, and others say that the other two forms of Goddesses could be associated with her sisters – Grianne and Fenne.

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