Pendants are easy to wear, always elegant and perhaps the most personal piece of jewellery you will wear, being as it is, so close to the heart. Exquisitely designed for special occasions, our unique hand-crafted Celtic pendants are based on Celtic and Irish symbols.

All of our gold and silver handmade pendants come with their own Sterling silver chains and extra-protective luxury packaging. Handmade in Ireland and shipped worldwide.

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The Trinity knot, a favored of the Celtic knots and bearer of several meanings. This delightful plain Trinity knot pendant is elegant in its simplicity. The flawless never ending nor beginning flow displays exquisite hand-craftsmanship. 

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Few Irish tales are quite as revered as the story of the Children of Lir. Made to suffer at the hands of their jealous stepmother, the four children were transformed into swans and banished for centuries to remote parts of Ireland. Upon learning this, the King of Ireland prohibited the killing of swans.

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The shamrock has been said to be used by St. Patrick to represent the Holy Spirit, and is found all over Irish history and culture. From having healing properties, to being a natural display of a trinity, to just simple good luck the shamrock has found its way through time and traditions to present day logos and trend. 

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This charming, dainty pendant in Sterling silver, gold and white gold is simple appearing craftsmanship yet is rich with meaning. St. Brigid once said anyone without a mo anam cara is like a body without a head.

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A sterling silver or white gold heart shaped clasp with a textured engraved "Mo" connects this charming heart pendant to its delicate glistening chain. The beautiful heart is textured silver with a lustrous blazing gold center, the heart of the heart. 

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This glamorous heart pendant is a real classic, heart-touching way to show that special someone what they mean to you. The polished clasp that connects the heart charm to the pendant has "Mo" inscribed with texture. The textured heart charm itself has polished, gleaming inscriptions "Anam" down one side and "Cara" up the other.

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This elegant polished wired heart charm has set into it the Gaelic phrase "Mo Anam Cara" - My Soul Mate. A most delicate, light, and airy way to show "my soul friend" upon the decolletage. What lies beneath becomes a part of the beautiful pendant. 

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The Salmon of Knowledge features prominently in the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology. Legend tells of a salmon that ate magical hazelnuts which imparted the fish with all the knowledge of the world. The first person to catch and consume the fish would, in turn, be granted the same wisdom.

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As with all Celtic knot pendants, this square or shield knot pendant displays no beginning or end. These types of knots were thought to protect people from danger and ward off evil spirits. Moreover, some historians equate square knots as a mark of loyalty. 

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A delightful, can't be missed heart pendant with the Gaelic inscription "MO ANAM CARA", meaning "My Soul Mate". The polished clasp connecting the larger heart to its elegant chain is inscribed with "Mo" and seamlessly connects to the larger textured heart with the polished "ANAM" down one side and "CARA" up the other. 

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In Ireland, certain symbols have stood the test of time, and this design is no passing trend. Beginning around 450 A.D., knots became a central part of Celtic art and culture. A sleek twist on the Celtic knot, this necklace is sure to endure as a symbol of your love for Ireland. 

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Etched into the stone at the entrance of the temple at Newgrange, the well-known prehistoric national monument of Ireland, the triple spiral is often associated with the three realms of Celtic Paganism—land, sea, and sky—or with the Christian Holy Trinity.

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Knots are perhaps the most discernible type of artwork in Celtic history. This contemporary pendant combines the charm of old world Ireland with a touch of modernist flair. Held in place by two simple stems, the clean lines of the highly polished Celtic knot are brought into focus. 

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Just when you think you've seen every possible type of Celtic knot, our craftsmen create something entirely unique! The Celtic knot pendant with its impeccable design has no observable beginning or end, and includes both angular and curved lines for a wandering eye to ponder. 

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In the realm of Celtic art, knot work patterns are symbolic of life's journey. They often represent the mystery surrounding our existence through an intertwining arrangement that has no apparent beginning or end. 

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"The way to get on with a girl is to drift like a man in the mist, happy enough to be caught, happy enough to be dismissed." So begins a Gaelic love poem penned anonymously in the 7th century. These days, it is customary to express your interest in a woman by offering her a token of appreciation, such as this gracefully crafted heart pendant. 

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Also known as the Triquetra, the trinity knot often symbolizes life, death, and rebirth. Depending on individual religious and philosophical viewpoints, other meanings abound. However, they all indicate one common theme: the interconnection of three separate entities. 

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All good things come in threes, and the shamrocks on this glimmering pendant are no exception to the rule! Our circular design features three shamrocks—two mature and one yet-to-open—suggesting an anticipation of what's to come. 

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The meaning of the Trinity Knot is ambiguous. Christians view the three cornered knot as a representation of the Holy Trinity. Another, more basic belief is that the Trinity Knot stands for air, water and earth. It is also thought to represent the triple Goddesses of Celtic lore.

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Celebrate your Irishness with this wonderful Shamrock pendant. The three leaves are heart shaped and two of the leaves are encrusted with emerald green Swarovski® crystals. A beautiful, small pendant that gets noticed, the Shamrock Pendant with Swarovski Crystals makes a great Saint Patrick's Day gift. 

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The Celtic Pearl Pendant is a beautiful example of modern Celtic jewelry. The teardrop style pendant starts with a Swarovski® crystal encrusted Trinity knot and ends with a luminous pearl. The Celtic Pearl Pendant is the perfect bridal accessory. 

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A beautiful way to show of your Irish heritage, the Sterling silver Shamrock pendant is brought to life through the white Swarovski® crystals encrusted on two of the leaves. The third leaf is gold plated and heart shaped. Handcrafted in Ireland.

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This Sterling silver pendant is covered in white crystals that sparkle endlessly. The gold plated Celtic knot glides down from the top to reach an extraordinary Emerald green cubic zirconia. A stunning piece that is smitten with detail. 

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Sparkles and whiteness is the order of the day with this beautiful piece of jewelry. Crafted from the finest silver, it is covered with white crystals and finished with a big white cubic zirconia that catches the eye. This pendant goes with everything!

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Irish Pendants

Celtic Necklaces & Pendants

Celtic Symbols

Similarly, the Celtic knot motif has been a part of Celtic culture for hundreds of years. While the historical meaning of the endless loops in traditional Celtic knots may be lost, this design has come to signify eternity, love and the circle of life. The Celtic knot is one of the most popular motifs in Celtic jewelry and artistry.

Celtic Symbols

Celtic Pendant Symbolism Revealed

When it comes to the Celtic pendants, necklaces and rings in our collection, we believe you’re not just wearing jewelry; you’re wearing a little piece of history. The various Celtic designs we have on offer all carry their own unique symbolism and it is fun to learn more about the motif you just purchased.

In a number of ancient cultures, jewelry was seen as a powerful object that contained and protected the energy of the wearer and it seems as if the Celts had this connection to the jewelry they wore. While the metal used to create the jewelry could help signify the class and wealth of the wearer, it was the designs themselves that really held meaning. Below, we look at the symbolism of some of the Celtic jewelry in our collection.

Tree of Life

According to the Celts, the Tree of Life (also known as crann bethadh) symbolized balance and harmony. For them, the Tree was a representation of how life in Earth and Heaven were interconnected. The branches grew upwards towards heaven, the roots descended into the underworld and the trunk stayed on Earth and managed to unite the branches and roots.

Whenever the Celts cleared land, they left one giant tree in the center of fields. It was common for them to hold meetings and even elect their chieftain under this tree. They believed the tree had the ability to look after all life because it provided people and animals alike with shelter, food and even medicine.

Some Celts even believed they came from the trees and saw them as living things. Indeed, the trees that protected the land were even deemed to be doorways into the spirit world. Cutting down the Tree of Life was one of the worst crimes any Celt could commit but chopping down an enemy’s tree was hailed as a success.


It’s said that St. Patrick used the shamrock to help teach the Irish natives about Christianity when he arrived in Ireland in AD 431 (this is a widely accepted date though scholars are not in full agreement). It represented the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit; otherwise known as the Holy Trinity.

However, the Celts also revered the shamrock because of their own obsession with the occurrence of three’s. You can see evidence of this in the wide range of Celtic symbols that are related to the number ‘3’ such as the triple spiral, triquetra and triskelion. The shamrock was also a major food source for the livestock of the Celts so it also became associated with nurturing and abundance.


Animals have a number of attributes that caused them to be considered strange by the Celts; yet this ancient people also desired animal traits such as flying, fast running, great swimming, sharp hearing and remarkable strength. When you see a Celtic design where humans and animals are joined by a knot, it is a representation of how humans rely on nature. The Celts had different meanings for animals including:

  1. Bird: A bringer of messages and a bridge between earth and water.
  2. Bull: Represents a strong will.
  3. Butterfly: Symbolizes rebirth, transformation and inspiration.
  4. Dog: Loyalty and companionship. It was also a symbol of good fortune.
  5. Salmon: Prophecy and wisdom.
  6. Snake: This animal represented healing, creation and fertility.

Trinity Knot

Also known as the ‘triquetra’, the Trinity Knot is arguably the most famous of all Celtic knots and like the rest, it is made up of a single continuous line. This of course symbolizes eternity as the knot has no beginning or end. According to the Celts, all of the important things in the world came in threes. Examples include the three domains (the sky, earth and the sea), the three stages of life and three elements.

As the Trinity Knot was such an ideal fit for the Christian belief system, it became widely used in Christianity as it represented the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In the modern era, neopagans use the Knot to represent the Three Stages of Motherhood; also known as Maiden, Mother & Crone.

If you look through our collection of pendants, necklaces, rings and other Celtic jewelry, you’ll find all of the above designs and more.

Our Pendant Collection

Our collection of pendants feature numerous designs of common Celtic motifs as well as symbols like the shamrock, the horseshoe and the Celtic circle. They are all available in silver, yellow gold and white gold and come with exquisitely detailed chains to match. Whether you are looking for a gorgeous pendant to add to your own jewelry collection or that perfect gift for a loved one, you are sure to find what you are looking for in our extensive collection. Browsing through you will see that our designs honor the centuries old Celtic heritage while offering the attractiveness of contemporary designs.

A Celtic pendant is an elegant piece that should be a staple in every woman's jewelry collection. With a wide variety of Celtic designs to choose from, we are sure to have the hand crafted necklace that is the perfect fit for you. The beauty of owning a piece of Celtic jewelry not only lies in its elegance, but also in its sentiment. Choosing which Celtic symbol means the most to you is an extremely personal, heart warming process.

Do you want to represent your religious beliefs by wearing a trinity pendant? Do you want to convey romance by wearing a Claddagh pendant? Do you want to show pride in your Irish heritage by wearing a Celtic knot necklace? These are all questions that you will have to ask yourself while deciding which necklace will be delicately worn over your heart. Our jewelry embodies the convenience of versatile wearability. They are able to gracefully compliment a dress with their refined design, and also enhance a casual look by adding an element of sophistication. This flexibility allows our show stopping necklaces to shine on any occasion.

Not find the pendants you want? Check out our beautiful Celtic Cross collection for something different.

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