Antique Celtic Ring with Gemstone

  • Silver
  • 10k Yellow Gold
  • 14k Yellow Gold
  • 14k White Gold

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This open-ended Celtic ring was inspired by the torcs that were actually worn as fashion statements by the Celts between 500 B.C. and the 7th century A.D. This type of jewelry was commonly seen on depictions of Celtic gods and goddesses.

This ring is a great way to honor that Celtic heritage in a modern way. The sleek band is ended in Celtic engravings and then finally a stopping point of either two emeralds or rubies. This would indeed add a unique piece of jewelry to any person's collection. Includes luxury presentation box.

Width: 5.5 mm (0.22 inches)
Height: 5.8 mm (0.22 inches)
Weight: 6.5 grams approx.

Delivery for Silver: 1-2 weeks (craft, hallmark & ship)
Delivery for Gold: 2-3 weeks

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The Legend Of Boudica...

Boudica was believed to have descended from royalty. Historians paint her as a very intelligent female for the time. She was supposed to have been tall with reddish-brown hair that fell below her waist. She was well known for wearing a large golden necklace that was believed to be a torq and a thick cloak fastened by a brooch.
She was married to Prasutagus King of Iceni, a Celtic Welsh clan. This land was independent from the occupying Roman forces. Many of the surrounding kings were still in control during their lifetime, but agreed to leave their land to Rome after their death. Prasutagus was not one of these kings. In fact, he had willed his kingdom to his two daughters. Although after his death, the girls were raped and Boudica was flogged in defiance of the will because the heir to the throne was not a male.

Around 60 AD the Iceni conspired with their neighbors the Trinovantes and other to revolt against the Romans. They elected Boudica as their leader. Legend says that she used a form of divination to release a hare from her dress and see which way it would go, and that she invoked on the Goddess of Victory, Andraste.

The first city they attacked was Camulodunum, which they easily defeated. When Quintus Petillius Cerialis attempted to relieve the city, his forces were also defeated. Boudica would continue to lead her forces across Briton winning one victory after another. Historians stated that they had no interest in taking prisoners, but only slaughter. In the first three settlements alone, it is believed seventy to eighty thousand people were killed.

Tacitus wrote that Boudica made a speech about being a person avenging her freedom, her battered body, and her daughters lost chastity. She claimed the gods were on her side, and that she as a woman would win or die. It was up to the men if they wanted to live in slavery.

During this instance, the Governor Suetonious had finally taken a stand. This was when the battle started to turn in favor of the Romans. Boudica was defeated, but it is unknown where. Some say she poisoned herself, and others say she fell sick during the battle.

She would later be forgotten throughout the Middle Ages. When the recordings of Tacitus were rediscovered during the Renaissance, her story would be retold by Virgil and Raphael Holinshed. She would also be the inspiration for Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher’s play Bonduca as well as William Cowper’s poem “Boadicea, an ode.” She would reach legendary status when Queen Victoria took on her namesake. This would cause Prince Albert to have a bronze statue of Boudica and her daughters in her war chariot erected.

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