If you are Irish or just love the styles and symbols found in Celtic jewellery, you're sure to find the ring you're looking for with us. From the Celtic Knot rings to the Newgrange Spirals, each Celtic ring here depicts a piece of Irish art and history.

Whether you are choosing sterling silver Celtic knot rings or Celtic gold rings Celtic-WeddingRings.com has many beautiful styles to select from.

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This ring displays the masterful creations that can be created with modern knowledge. This Celtic knot ring is amazingly simple and would be lovely on any woman''s finger, but it still retains the immaculate complex design of the Celtic knot.

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This intricately woven Trinity symbol ring is a beautiful symbol of eternal and endless love. The trinity or triquetra has no beginning or end and this often coincides with an endless continuation of life and love. 

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What's the Story?

Jewelry with real meaning

Celtic Expression

Celtic rings can help you display your pride in your heritage. A silver Celtic ring can express your love for the man or woman in your life. Celtic gold rings are often used in place of the more traditional wedding band. These rings, silver and white gold, in an assortment of styles can also be used as a less traditional wedding ring. The Claddagh, a style of Celtic ring, is the traditional symbol of love, friendship and loyalty. Trinity knots are also very popular Celtic rings.

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Special Design

The designs incorporated on some of these rings span back over 5,000 years, from a culture steeped in spiritual mystery. This section contains the finest Irish rings, including authentic silver Celtic rings, which serve as beautiful adornments for any occasion. Some of our Celtic silver rings might be considered special occasion jewelry. We do, however, carry an excellent selection of silver rings and Celtic gold rings that are perfect for everyday wear.

Special Design

Our Promise

Celtic-WeddingRings.com has been creating rings, silver and gold, for more than 25 years. All of our jewelry is designed with your satisfaction in mind. We are so sure that you will love your Celtic silver rings that every purchase comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. These rings, as well as all of our jewelry are created in and shipped from Ireland. Not find what you were looking for? Check out our Celtic wedding ring and Claddagh wedding ring collections.

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