If you are of Celtic decent or just love the styles and symbols found in Celtic jewelry, you're sure to find the perfect Celtic knot ring with us. From the famous Celtic knots to the ancient Newgrange spirals, each ring depicts a piece of Celtic art and history.

Whether your preference is sterling silver, 10k or 14K gold; Celtic Rings Ltd have many beautiful styles to choose from. All handmade in Ireland and shipped worldwide.

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This beautifully timeless design features the traditional Celtic knot, favored by lovers for centuries because of its never-ending, intertwined design, and two shimmering channels of diamonds, the modern symbol of everlasting love, at the top and bottom of the band.

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This intricate, detailed carved Sterling silver ring depicts the famous story of the Children of Lir. Handcrafted with great care and attention to detail, this unique ring is a treasure to behold.

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Let your free spirit fly with this beautiful swan ring formed from the finest Sterling silver. The swan represents one of the Children of Lir. Relive the story by following the link below. 

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A large Sterling silver band with a brushed background and high polished finish on the engravings. The engravings depict the swans from the Children of Lir. Modern in design, this ancient tale is brought to life.

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The unisex two tone Trinity ring is the perfect choice for couples wanting matching rings that carry a lot of meaning. The Trinity knot is thought to represent the three Celtic goddesses, some also believe it represents the present, past and future.

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A cluster of Trinity knots come together to form this Sterling silver Trinity knot band. One of the most famous Celtic designs, the trinity knot was thought to represent the three Celtic goddesses.

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The Sterling silver Irish wedding ring is inspired by the Celtic shield design found on the beautiful Ardagh Chalice. Intricate in detail and filled with historical significance, this women's wedding band is handcrafted to order. 

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This men's silver Irish wedding ring takes its inspiration from the intricate Celtic shield designs found on the Ardagh Chalice. A wonderful way to celebrate your Celtic heritage with a unique wedding band. 

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This Irish wedding ring was inspired by the Celtic shield found on the Ardagh Chalice. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to share thier Irish heritage with the world. This beautiful wedding band is handcrafted to order. It is also made with a "comfort fit" design, so it should feel good all the time.

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This men's Irish wedding ring was inspired by the Celtic shield found on the Ardagh Chalice. This is an obvious choice for any man who wants to share thier Irish heritage with the world

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Introducing the white gold Celtic Shield Ring. Handcrafted in Ireland by skilled Irish artisans, the Celtic knot designs used in this ring were inspired by similar designs found on the famous Ardagh Chalice.

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The men's Celtic Shield Ring is crafted from white gold with intricate Celtic designs. A brushed background sets the tone for the highly polished embossed designs. Inspired by the famous Ardagh Chalice, these wedding bands celebrate your heritage.

From $590.00

The Irish wedding ring with trim was made to bring a little bit of Irish culture into a newlywed couple's life. The inspiration was taken from the beautiful Ardagh Chalice with the Celtic shield engraved into the band. It is combined with today's culture by combing the contrasting gold trimming. 

From $755.00

The men's Irish wedding ring with trim is handmade by skilled Irish artisans. The inspiration was taken from the stunning Ardagh Chalice with the Celtic shield engraved into the band.

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Introducing the women's Celtic Shield Ring with Trim, a wonderful example of a two tone wedding ring. A white band is covered in Celtic knot designs, inspired by the Ardagh Chalice, and finished off with a yellow gold rim on both sides.

From $755.00

Exquisite and intricate details are the highlight of the men's Celtic Shield Ring with Trim. The white gold band is covered with Celtic knot designs that were inspired by the Ardagh Chalice. Bright yellow gold rims are on either side of the band to give it that two tone look.

From $550.00

The deep rich yellow gold of the women's Celtic Shield Ring with Trim is doubled down with the use of gold rims. A bold ring with a brushed finish in the background but a highly polished finish on the Celtic knot work.

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The men's gold Shield Ring with Trim is available in both 10k or 14k yellow gold. The design on the central band was inspired by the artistic designs found on the famous Ardagh Chalice.

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The Celtic shield design on this narrow silver wedding ring was inspired by the Ardagh Chalice. This narrow band is great for anyone with Irish heritage or a fondness for Irish culture.

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The Celtic shield design on this narrow Irish wedding ring was inspired by the Ardagh Chalice. The famous chalice was rediscovered in 1868 and has been an important part of Irish culture ever since. It is believed it was used by the Irish during the twelfth century. We have used these very same designs to craft this modern women's wedding ring.

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This narrow Irish wedding ring with trim was designed from the artwork found on the intricate Ardagh Chalice. The Celtic shield was discovered engraved on the chalice in 1868 and is believed to date back to the twelfth century. This narrow wedding ring is a very tasteful choice for anyone interested in Irish culture.

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Available in 10k or 14k gold, the center band has the Celtic shield design engraved onto it, then gold rails have been added to each side of the ring to give it a more solid feel.

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The narrow wedding ring with trim consists of a white gold band with the intricate detailing of the Celtic Shield design, as inspired by the Ardagh Chalice. The band has two gold rails on either side, giving it a two tone look.

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