Irish Wedding Ring

  • Women - White Gold
  • Women - Yellow Gold
  • 10K
  • 14K

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This Irish wedding ring was inspired by the Celtic shield found on the Ardagh Chalice. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to share thier Irish heritage with the world. This beautiful wedding band is handcrafted to order. It is also made with a "comfort fit" design, so it should feel good all the time. A wedding band that is delicate in design but packed with Irish authenticity. Hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office.

Women's Width: 4.8 mm (0.19 inches)
Thickness: 1.5 mm (0.06 inches)
Weight: 5.0 grams approx.

Estimated Delivery: 2-3 weeks (craft, hallmark & ship)

Celtic Knot Meanings


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The Phantom Queen...

There are probably not as many women warrior stories in other parts of the ancient world as there were in Irish and Celtic legends. Men were not the only ones who could be brave and enter into battles. There were also stories of women that would tell of their heroic or even frightening deeds, but they were warriors nonetheless.

The Morrígan is one of several well-known Irish warrior deities. She is actually the Goddess of Battle, Strife, and Sovereignty. Her name means either “Great Queen” or “Phantom Queen.” She comes from a long developed Irish tradition of representing goddesses in threes – her three sides are Badb, Macha, and Nemain.

The Morrígan had many forms she would take, and many of those were representation of death, which has led some to call her the Goddess of Death. She would often take the form of a crow. Other times she would be an old woman wearing raven feathers, and one other common form was the Washer at the Ford. This was an older woman who would appear washing the clothes and armor of those who were about to go into battle.

Not long before Cuchulainn was killed, he saw the Washer at the Ford, who actually declared to be washing his clothes and armor. After he died, the Morrígan, disguised as a crow, settled on his shoulder.

Another aspect of being the Goddess of Death came from the Morrígan’s ability to help people cross over into the afterlife. She was behind reincarnation and would take the form of many animals to help souls reach their new life. This along with her Washer at the Ford persona made her coincide with fate, and warriors believed that she would choose which of them would die. Warriors would always picture her in the same light as war - having bloodthirsty and savage qualities.

The origin of the Morrígan is said to come directly from the “megalithic cult” known as “The Mothers” – also known as the Matrones, the Idises, or the Disir. This unique triple Goddess expressed themselves or herself through battle and regeneration. The Morrígan possessed many of their qualities and later triple Goddesses that would come along would resemble the Morrígan.
She defended the Tuatha De Danaan several times in war. In both the First Battle of Magh Tuireadh and the Second Battle of Mag Tured, she fought alongside them against the Firbolgs and then the Fomorii. Even though she was a powerful Goddess, who was a warrior and a magician, she was also a woman in love.

The Morrígan tried on several occasions to express her love to the warrior Cuchulainn, and it was she who gave him the strength to be victorious in battle. However, each time she came to him, he did not recognize her, and only when she came to him in the form of an old hag did he recognize her.

Aug 07, 2018, 19:04 | By (Le Puy-en-Velay)

Service rating : Les bagues commandées sont magnifiques et correspondent parfaitement à la photographie.
Également, la taille de la bague correspond parfaitement à la dimension demandée.
Les bagues sont envoyées dans un joli petit écrin et l'ensemble est très bien protégé pour l'envoi.
La seule petite chose à améliorer est le suivi de la commande sur le site (par exemple, signaler les diverses étapes de la fabrication) car nous étions sans nouvelle des bagues depuis la prise en compte de la commande et que nous avions juste eu un mail nous avertissant de l'envoi.
Product : Produits de qualité, finition parfaite, prix abordables, précision dans les mesures.

May 29, 2018, 16:55 | By

Service rating : Wir haben unsere Eheringe dort gekauft. Sie sind Silber und sehen samt dem Kriegermuster sehr hochwertig aus. Sie passen perfekt und der Versand ging auch fix. Nichtmal zwei Wochen. Gerne wieder.
Product : Passt wunderbar. Das kulturhistorische Muster ist wirklich schön und sehr filigran.

Mar 11, 2018, 08:51 | By

Service rating : Excellent communication with the sellers, and good quality ring
Product : Very good quality, and very good communication

Jan 03, 2018, 15:32 | By

Service rating : After an exhaustive search I found the perfect ring at Celtic. It was right up against a planned proposal and I was remarkably surprised at the attention to detail and follow thru in delivering on time a ring that exceeded our expectations! It was a successful engagement!
Product : The ring exceeded expectations.

Sep 07, 2017, 03:18 | By (Canada)

Service rating : Great communication, fast service, excellent quality
Product : Beautiful and fine , love it! Great representation of my Irish roots

Aug 03, 2017, 14:35 | By

Service rating : They have always been very accommodating to me. Service is very
efficient, product received very quickly.
Product : love the ring...just hope I don't get another allergic reaction to this ring

Jun 01, 2017, 17:17 | By (New Jersey)

Service rating : Communication with this company was immediate. I placed my order and I was contacted to make sure all my information was correct including the ring size. The ring arrived and I couldn't be happier. The quality was exceptional and it fit perfectly. Would definitely do business with them again.
Product : Great price, beautiful ring, exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Jul 27, 2016, 12:50 | By (Havertown, pa)

We couldn't have been more pleased with our exquisite rings and the wonderful service we received.

Jul 16, 2016, 19:53 | By (Belgium)

Service rating : Prachtige ringen. Super goede en vriendelijke service! Mooie verpakking.
Product : Prachtige ringen. Super goede en vriendelijke service! Mooie verpakking.

Jun 13, 2016, 05:14 | By (Aarhus - Danmark)

Service rating : Det var dejligt, at der blev skrevet omkring ringstørrelse, for at være sikker og kundekontakten var god. Og vi er blevet super glade for ringene, de er virkelig flotte og størrelserne er gode. Alt i alt super god service.
Product : De var flottere end på billedet, og størrelserne passede super til os begge.

May 06, 2016, 11:06 | By

Excellent service, information regarding the crafting of the ring, great information on the timeline of the shipping of the ring. Very impressed and a very lovely ring.

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