The popularity of Celtic jewellery has witnessed tremendous growth among different age groups and has also found favour with top international designers. Designing Celtic Tie Pins is a detailed and intricate process that requires skill.

For those who admire the beauty of detail, our intricately engraved Celtic Tie Pins offer contemporary design at outstanding prices.

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This beautiful Claddagh symbol tie pin is available in silver and gold. It was designed over 300 years ago by an Irish man as a way to show commitment between him and his true love. It has been used in Irish culture and others ever since.

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The Claddagh symbol was first designed in the 17th century. It was a way for a person to say that they were in a committed relationship. Better yet the symbol is a representation for friendship, love, and loyalty. What better qualities can someone ask to have in a relationship. 

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This straight Claddagh tie pin would look sophisticated on any man's tie. This symbol has been in Irish culture since the 17th century. Since that time it has spread throughout many other cultures and has been a way for individuals in a relationship to show their commitment status. 

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This tie pin is an exact replica of an actual Celtic cross. The original crosses were all the same length all the way around. This was because they were used to represent north, south, east, and west. The circle was originally a symbol of the Celt's sun goddess.

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This curved Claddagh tie pin is available in silver, gold, and white gold to fit any tastes, and it would look stylish on any tie and with any suit. It makes a great birthday or Christmas present to the man who wears ties often.

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This Claddagh symbol has been handcrafted with immaculate artwork. It is available in silver, gold, or white gold, and has been engraved with neat Irish symbols. The Irish Claddagh symbol is a representation of friendship, love, and loyalty. It is lined with a Celtic double knot.

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The details on this harp tie pin are truly unbelievable to behold. The harp is the Ireland national symbol, and anyone wearing this might ought to know that if they plan on being around Irish culture lovers.

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Predating the Druids, the 5000 year-old passage at the entrance to the tomb at Newgrange is one of ancient Ireland's supreme achievements. Let the famous triple spiral pattern be the crowning accent that completes your perfect ensemble. 

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