Eibhleann Trinity Wedding Band

  • Women - 10k White & Yellow Trim - $841.00
  • Women - 10k All White Gold - $841.00
  • Women - 14k White & Yellow Trim - $1143.00
  • Women - 14k All White Gold - $1143.00
  • Men - 10k White & Yellow Trim - $959.00
  • Men - 10k All White Gold - $959.00
  • Men - 14k White & Yellow Trim - $1337.00
  • Men - 14k All White Gold - $1337.00

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If you prefer the look of white gold, this stunning Celtic wedding ring could be your perfect choice. Our expert jewelers have crafted an endless band of white gold Trinity knots and set them between two trims, either in matching white gold, or contrasted in yellow gold. Inside the band is the sign of Dublin Castle, your hallmark of quality from the Dublin Assay Office.

Eibhleann is from aoibheann, meaning pleasant, beautiful or radiant, while the men's version is called Deaglan, this is from dag, meaning good and lan, meaningful, suggesting full of goodness.

Women's Width: 7.2 mm
Thickness: 1.4 mm
Weight: 6.0 grams approx.

Men's Width: 8.5 mm
Thickness: 1.5 mm
Weight: 10.5 grams approx.

Trinity Knot Meaning


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A Love Song...

Also spelled Eibhlin and translated as Eileen and Elaine, this was the name used in a 17th century Irish love song. Cearbhall O’Dalaigh wrote the song to convince his beloved to elope with him. This song is still a popular one used in Irish ceremonies. The translated version is as follows, and the word aroon is Old English for darling.

When, like the early rose,
Eileen aroon!
Beauty in childhood blows;
Eileen aroon!
When, like a diadem,
Buds blush around the stem,
Which is the fairest gem?
Eileen aroon!

Is it the laughing eye?
Eileen aroon!
Is it the timid sigh?
Eileen aroon!
Is it the tender tone,
Soft as the string'd harp's moan?
Oh, it is the truth alone.
Eileen aroon!

When, like the rising day,
Eileen aroon!
Love sends his early ray,
Eileen aroon!
What makes his dawning glow
Changeless through joy or woe?
Only the constant know -
Eileen aroon!

I knew a valley fair,
Eileen aroon!
I knew a cottage there,
Eileen aroon!
Far in that valley's shade
I knew a gentle maid,
Flower of the hazel glade,
Eileen aroon!

Who in the song so sweet,
Eileen aroon!
Who in the dance so sweet,
Eileen aroon!
Dear were her charms to me,
Dearer her laughter free,
Dearest her constancy,
Eileen aroon!

Were she no longer true,
Eileen aroon!
What would her lover do?
Eileen aroon!
Fly with his broken chain,
Far o'er the bounding main
Never to love again,
Eileen aroon!

Youth must with time decay
Eileen aroon!
Beauty must fade away,
Eileen aroon!
Castles are sacked in war,
Chieftains are scattered far,
Truth is a fixèd star,
Eileen aroon!

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