Engraved Spiral Wedding Ring

  • Women - Silver
  • Women - White Gold
  • Women - Yellow Gold
  • Men - Silver
  • Men - White Gold
  • Men - Yellow Gold
  • 10K
  • 14K
  • Silver

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Men's Width: 4.9 mm (0.19 inches)
Women's Width: 3.7 mm (0.14 inches)

Estimated Delivery: 3-4 weeks (craft, hallmark & ship)

This is one of our most simple but elegant styles featuring the engraved Celtic spiral design and it is available in either white or yellow gold. The spiral knot can symbolize the eternal love and happiness between a couple. As always, your assurance of quality is the Dublin Castle hallmark or stamp found on the inside of the band.

We have named this ring type Cassidy. The name Cassidy is from cas, meaning curly-haired. Click on the history tab below to learn more about the historical significance of this famed Irish name. 

Celtic Knot Meanings


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Kings of Men...

Cassidy is now a given name. It derives from the Irish surname Caiside, which means “clever” or “curly-haired.” Caiside comes from the Gaelic word cas.

Cormac Cas is the ancestor of the Dál gCais, which was a Gaelic Irish tribe that has been accepted as a branch of the Déisi Muman (a class of people in Ancient and Medieval Ireland – Munster specifically- tied together by social ties and not kingship). This tribe would go on to have one of the best known High Kings of Ireland, Brian Bóruma.

Cas was said to have lived during the 3rd century, and he was the second son of Ailill Aulom, King of Munster and Leath Moga. He was also the younger brother of Eógan the founder of the Eóganachta, which was a dynasty that would rule as Kings of Munster and Princes of Desmond well into the 16th century.

The Dál gCais would be content in their Kingdom of In the 10th century Brian Bóruma and his brother Mahon would take the kingship away from the Eóganachta for the first time. Mahon would be the first King of Munster, but after his death, the Eóganachta would recapture the throne for two years. When Brian Bóruma avenged his brother’s death, he became the second Dál gCais to take the throne and the eventual High King of Ireland until his death in 1014.

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