Inset Celtic Knot Wedding Band

  • Women - Yellow & White Gold
  • Women - All White Gold
  • Men - Yellow & White Gold
  • Men - All White Gold
  • 14K

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Men's Width: 6.0 mm (0.24 inches)
Weight: 8.4 grams approx.

Women's Width: 5.0 mm (0.20 inches)
Weight: 6.4 grams approx.

Diamond Colour: I - J
Diamond Clarity: P1
Diamond Carat: 0.06 cts

Estimated Delivery: 2-3 weeks (craft, hallmark & ship)

This beautiful Celtic knot wedding band is available in all white gold or two tone. The women's version is particularly stunning, featuring diamonds set into the the top and bottom of the beveled trims which surround the Celtic knot design. Carefully crafted it has a gold band with a gold Celtic knot design in the center. The men's version of the band is slightly wider and without diamonds.

Handcrafted by experienced artisans and then hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office, a government-run agency that tests and hallmarks the band. This stamp/hallmark is your mark of authenticity and quality. We call this ring 'Áine', you can learn more about her in the History tab below.

Celtic Knot Meanings


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Áine, Queen of the Fairies...

Originally, Áine (pronounced AWN-ye) was a Celtic Goddess, but as Christianity came to Ireland she was transformed into a fairy queen. Fairies were very important to many people throughout Ireland.

She was the Goddess of love, growth, and cattle. Her name means “brightness” or “delight.” Among some of her titles are the Goddess of Healing, and The Spark of Life. Her sisters were Grian, The Sun Goddess, and Aoife. In some stories, the three are presented as three sides of the same Goddess, which is a common trend in Celtic mythology.

It is still a tradition for men and women to travel to the summit of Cnoc Áine, where they will carry torches and walk counter-clockwise around ring barrows. They will then spread the ashes over their fields and livestock. This is supposedly to get the Goddess to bless their farms.

For a long period of time, Áine was worshipped on a daily basis year round. She was originally a Sun Goddess, but transformed into a Lunar Goddess. She was renowned for being friendly and for her love of humans.

There are also places other than Cnoc Áine that are still associated with her. Tobar-Na- Áine or Áine’s Well is one of these. Lakes and wells were commonly associated with Áine’s ability to heal. This well is still thought to have life-restoring qualities.

Her role as the Fairie Queen was said to be responsible for creating the whole fairie race. Her love for mortal men would always result in multiple births of half-human creatures. This resulted in many legends of the creatures that some people in Ireland still believe in today.

May 26, 2017, 05:35 | By (Florida USA)

Service rating : I was wry pleased with the expert advice in helping from start of my beautiful Celtic wedding ring purchase. Steven and all their staff made sure the ring was deliver on time to my venue in the U.K. Even though I live in the USA. The ring was everything they said it was.
Product : Excellent professional service from beginning to end.

Feb 24, 2017, 17:54 | By

Service rating : My finance and I wanted something special for our wedding bands. Something with a little more character and meaning and we found that with the his and hers Aine Celtic Knot Inset Bands. These really are beautiful well-crafted rings that are just as nice in person as they are in the pictures. Also working with a gentleman by the name of Vincent Byrne made me feel very comfortable with ordering the rings over the internet. Very professional. I was a little shy on the prospect at first. All in all a very pleasant experience and we are very happy. And pretty cool know we have hand crafted rings actually made in Ireland as well.
Product : Purchase itself was quick, thorough and professional.

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