Keela Pierced Celtic Band

  • Women - Silver - $88.00
  • Women - 10k Yellow Gold - $463.00
  • Women - 10k White Gold - $463.00
  • Women - 14k Yellow Gold - $704.00
  • Women - 14k White Gold - $704.00
  • Men - Silver - $98.00
  • Men - 10k Yellow Gold - $707.00
  • Men - 10k White Gold - $707.00
  • Men - 14k Yellow Gold - $1093.00
  • Men - 14k White Gold - $1093.00

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Our craftsmen have taken the simple and timeless Celtic knot design and fashioned it into this elegant pierced Celtic wedding ring. The design represents the relationship between love and life, making it the ideal wedding band! Your ring is available in rich yellow gold, or cool white gold and will be hallmarked for quality by the Dublin Assay Office.

The name Keela is from the word cadhla and means beautiful. The men's Celtic wedding ring is Faolan and comes from the word faol, meaning wolf.

Women's Width: 4.2 mm
Thickness: 1.7 mm
Weight: 5.0 grams approx.

Men's Width: 5.6 mm
Thickness: 1.7 mm
Weight: 8.0 grams approx.

Celtic Knot Meanings


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The Healing Stones...

Keela is a form of Cadhla, which is a Gaelic name meaning “beautiful or handsome, comely, and graceful.” Faolán also originates from a Gaelic word Fáel name meaning “little wolf.” One pronunciation is Fillan.

There are many legends surrounding both St. Fillans that existed in Ireland. The one who the town St. Fillan is named for is said to have been born with a stone in his mouth. His father, Prince Federach, saw the stone and threw him into a lake.

There angels watched over him until Bishop Ibar rescued him, and then raised him in the Christian faith. His mother, St. Kentigerna and princess of Ulster, watched over Fillan while he grew up, and in her gratitude to Bishop Ibar became a Christian in return.

It was said that St. Fillan’s left arm and hand were able to glow throughout his life. This was attributed to candles being banned from the monastery, but he wanted to be able to read at night. On his deathbed he requested that this arm be kept in a silver case. Robert the Bruce’s victory at Bannockburn, which freed Ireland from British rule was attributed to these bones.

While St. Fillan was building a priory (a small monastery) in what is now Kirkton’s Farm, a wolf attacked and killed his oxen. The wolf realized that St. Fillan was doing holy work, and it allowed St. Fillan to harness it to the plow.

On his death, St. Fillan left eight stones that are known for their healing qualities. The stones are believed to heal various ailments of the body, and each stone has its own special qualities. They are now kept at the Tweed Mill in Killin


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