Is your wedding day approaching? Is it time to select the rings that you and your spouse will wear forever? If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place. A Celtic wedding band is a beautiful way to celebrate both your love and heritage. Only here at Celtic-WeddingRings.com are you offered such an extensive range of exquisite women's and men's Celtic wedding bands inspired by the unrivalled designs of the ancient Irish and Celtic cultures.

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This beautiful Triscele design Celtic wedding ring is suitable for both women and men and is available in 10k and 14k white or yellow gold. Of course, your ring will also be hallmarked for quality by the Dublin Assay Office. 

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In this version of the beautiful Triscele design Celtic wedding ring, our craftsmen have enhanced the elegant yellow gold band with a contrasting white gold trim on each side. Or if you prefer, the ring is available in all yellow gold.

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This stunning Tricele Celtic wedding ring is sure to appeal to those who love white gold. Our craftsmen have set the center band between two trims of contrasting yellow gold, or if you prefer, matching white gold.

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This 14k white gold Celtic wedding ring has a Celtic twist design set with a string of sparkling diamonds for a truly exquisite look. Although this is a traditional Celtic pattern, the style looks up to date and will appeal to many modern brides.

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This exquisite 14k white gold Celtic wedding ring has a center band formed from a Celtic twist pattern set with sparkling diamonds. It is then enhanced with a trim each side of matching white gold.

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For this beautifully styled Celtic wedding ring, our craftsmen have created a traditional Celtic twist design in 14k white gold and set it with sparkling diamonds. To complement it, there is a trim each side of contrasting yellow gold.

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This comfort fit version of the soulmate ring is handcrafted in Sterling silver and then oxidized to ensure the lettering is clearly visible. This is a unisex ring. Engraved with the Irish words ''Mo Anam Cara'' - which means ''My Soul Mate'' in English.

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This stunning Celtic wedding band features the Trinity knot design and some of the ancient inscriptions of Ogham, sometimes known as the Celtic Tree alphabet. The Ogham inscription means ''Faith'' in English.

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This beautiful faith ring is a unisex ring and features the pattern of the Claddagh and also an inscription in the ancient alphabet of Ogham, which dates back to around the 4th century. The Ogham inscription means ''Faith'' in English.

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For this faith ring, our craftsmen have chosen an intricate Celtic knot design and contrasted it with the clean lines of the ancient Ogham alphabet. This is a unisex Celtic wedding band suited to both men and women.

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This unusual wedding ring features the beautiful LeCheile design together with an inscription from the ancient Ogham alphabet. Briley is an Irish name for boys and girls and this is a unisex Celtic wedding ring.

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The Celtic Cross design is one of the most popular and for this faith ring, our craftsmen have combined the intricate pattern with some of the inscriptions from the ancient Ogham alphabet. The Ogham inscription means ''Faith'' in English.

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The spiral stone carvings at Newgrange are at least 5000 years old, but re-created by our craftsmen on this Celtic wedding ring, they look fresh and new. They are enhanced by inscriptions from the ancient Ogham alphabet for contrast.

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The mythos of the Trinity knot is handsomely articulated in this Trinity band. Named for the triad of mother goddesses who were linked to regeneration, maternity and fertility, this ring nestles white gold Trinity knots against a background of yellow gold. 

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No matter the meaning that you assign to the Trinity knot, you will adore this handsome wedding band. Cast in 14k white or yellow gold, this ring displays a polished, beveled rim and series of Trinity knots elevated above a muted background.

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A modern take on the Trinity knot, our Macha wedding band combines precious yellow or white gold with contemporary design. This unique, handcrafted ring intricately weaves alternating trinity knots in 14k yellow or white gold.

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We enhanced our Macha ring by connecting the modernist Trinity knot design with a shimmery border to complete the Mórrígan wedding band. Choose from the original two-tone style of white and yellow, or opt for the ring in a solid version of either metal.

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If the Celtic knot holds a special place in your heart, then this wedding band could be the perfect choice for you and your mate. Our talented jewelers have crafted a glowing, endless stream of open knotwork for you to place on your beloved''s hand. 

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Commonly found in stone art, tattoos, and ancient manuscripts, the Celtic knot has proven to be the most enduring motif in Ireland''s long history. The perpetual looping of the design suggests eternity and interconnectedness, making it the ideal wedding ring. 

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The side-by-side, endless knots of our contemporary Celtic band are reminiscent of the parallel placement that you and your love will occupy as you navigate the challenges of life together. Let these graceful, intertwining knots be your guide to peace and happiness.

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Introducing our Celtic band with a two-tone twist! This ring features an open, double-knot, yellow gold design framed by a white gold border. Polished to a sheen, this ring is an exceptional way of honoring your lifelong commitment to one another. 

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Reminiscent of the lemniscate, the ancient symbol for infinity, this pierced Celtic knot wedding band was designed with eternity in mind. The fluid, central spiral has no beginning or end, suggesting a limitless flow of both spirituality and love. 

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Sacred geometry employs various shapes and figures to act as visual correlations of numerically meaningful ideas. For example, the figure eight oriented horizontally is often used to represent infinity. Such was the inspiration for our two-tone pierced wedding band. 

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Water-related imagery is an iconic theme in Celtic art, and deep symbolism can be found in our glimmering narrow dome wedding band. The hand-etched surface conveys any number of associations with water: the moon and tides, birth and fertility. 

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Many of the beautiful designs on each Celtic wedding ring are symbols of love, honesty and family. The Celtic wedding band of your choice is available in gold, white gold and some are even offered in Sterling silver. Whichever metal or finish you choose, your Celtic wedding ring will carry the Dublin Assay Office hallmark, as a sign of the high quality of the materials used.

From the Trinity Knot to the Newgrange Spirals, our collection depicts fine Irish art and history at its best. For centuries, Irish artisans have been perfecting their methods to design highly decorative, intricate jewelry pieces that capture the imagination. We hope you enjoy viewing our extensive collection of Celtic wedding rings; we've certainly enjoyed crafting them.

Trinity Knot

The Trinity Knot, a traditional Celtic wedding band. The meaning of the Trinity Knot is ambiguous. It is believed that Christians view the three cornered knot as a representation of the Holy Trinity. Each corner of the knot standing for the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Another, more basic belief is that the Trinity Knot stands for air, water and earth. Perhaps the Trinity Knot is expressing the cycle of life; birth, death and rebirth. Or even the Gods and Goddesses of Celtic lore. Whichever meaning you embrace, the Trinity Knot is a beautiful addition to your Celtic wedding band. Trinity Knot wedding rings, bearing this meaningful symbol, are available in gold, white gold and silver. There are solid and filigree styles suitable for both men and women.

Trinity Knot Design

Anam Cara

Is your betrothed truly your soul mate? If so you might choose one of the Celtic wedding rings bearing the words Anam Cara. Although the meaning of this phrase is not an exact translation to the English use of the phrase soul mate, it is meaningful. Anam Cara translates as friend of my soul. What a lovely thought to present to your spouse as you exchange your wedding vows. A quick glance at your finger will be a daily reminder of the feelings you shared on your wedding day.

Anam Cara


The Celtic wedding bands crafted by our jewelers often have Celtic or Gaelic names. The beautiful Deirdre ring is a diamond accented band with the Celtic spiral design displayed in the center of the band. Deirdre is a stunning ring and the name refers to the woman who was the most beautiful woman in all of Ireland. Deirdre was engaged to one man but in love with another. There is a gentleman’s version of this ring available, the Dalaigh. Most of the Celtic wedding bands you will find at Celtic-WeddingRings.com have complementary styles of rings for both men and women.

Deirdre - Beautiful Woman

Celtic Knots

Celtic knots are considered a representation of endless love. The knot continues on, without a beginning or an end, just as your love will. The Celtic knot is incorporated into many of our wedding rings. The Caoimhe is a gorgeous yet simple style Celtic wedding band. The name is derived from Gaelic words meaning precious and beautiful. While the Caoimhe is a less extravagant ring than some of the others offered, it is lovely in its simplicity. This ring is available in platinum, although delivery will take longer if ordered in this precious metal

Celtic Knots

Faith Rings

Celtic-WeddingRings.com has a wide assortment of faith rings. Many of these rings consist of some of the traditional Celtic symbols as well as the Ogham alphabet. Faith rings are perfect as a wedding band for both men and women. They are commonly used to express commitment to another. Faith rings are not solely for wedding ceremonies. They can be a sign of faith in your love and relationship and are sometimes given as a commitment ring. The Claddagh is a well-known example of a faith ring.

Faith Rings

Triple Spiral

The Celtic triple spiral, found at the ancient temple, or passage tomb of Newgrange is another well-known ancient symbol. Although the symbolism is not fully known, there is much speculation about the meaning of this Celtic glyph that is believed to be more than 5,000 years old. Like many things Celtic there seems to be some belief in the symbolism of three. The trinity, the three realms and even the three trimesters of pregnancy are possible explanations for the design. The Cael Newgrange wedding ring is emblazoned with the lovely triple spiral. For a unique look this ring is available with an oxidized silver finish or the more usual gold or white gold.

Triple Spiral


Every beautiful Celtic wedding band you see at Celtic-WeddingRings.com has been handcrafted in Ireland. Knowing that your ring was designed and crafted in the beautiful Irish countryside adds to the sentimental meaning of wearing a Celtic wedding band. The designs are a mixture of the traditional symbols of the Celtic culture and the modern look that so many are looking for. While many of the Celtic symbols are ancient our craftsmen have found a way to give a touch of modern to some of the styles. So if your style leans to the old or the new, there is a Celtic wedding ring that is perfect for you. If not, then we also have a great selection of Irish wedding rings and the beautiful Claddagh wedding rings to choose from.