'Let love and friendship reign', the phrase aptly summarises the essence behind the beautifully crafted Claddagh wedding rings. Consisting of two hands joined together to support a single heart with a crown upon it, a Claddagh ring wedding band is symbolic of love, loyalty, friendship, fidelity and a proud Irish heritage.

Said to have been first crafted more than 300 years ago in Claddagh, Ireland.

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The traditional Irish Claddagh emblem symbolizes friendship, love, and fidelity, while the ancient Celtic knot evokes eternity and the timeless continuity of love. Together, they represent the enduring strength of your relationship and the depth of your commitment.

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With its gleaming white gold finish, the ring has a contemporary feel suitable for a modern bride, but the ancient Celtic knot and traditional Claddagh designs that encircle the band bring to mind older wedding customs. This elegant band is highest quality, as evidenced by the hallmark.

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The ring features a group of channel-set diamonds in the eternity band style. The diamonds then transition to an alternating pattern of traditional Irish Claddagh symbols and Celtic knots.  The entire center motif is unified by two rows of golden crown studs framing the top and bottom.

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The bright elegance of the diamond band is imbued with additional meaning by the alternating pattern of traditional Irish Claddagh symbols and Celtic knots. Top and bottom rows of shimmering crown studs frame the band patterning, catch the light, and complete the look. 

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This beautiful women's Claddagh ring is available in 10K or 14K gold. The polished Claddagh design is set against a brushed finish to create a stunning impact. The Claddagh design symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship.

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A Sterling silver women's Claddagh ring with polished Claddagh design set against a brushed finish. One of the more popular wedding rings, the Claddagh design represents love, loyalty and friendship. Handmade and hallmarked in Dublin, Ireland. 

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Handcrafted in Dublin Ireland, the men's Claddagh ring is available in 10K or 14K yellow gold. Representing love, loyalty and friendship - the Claddagh ring makes for the ideal wedding band. Hallmarked in the Dublin Assays Office. 

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Crafted from the finest Sterling silver, this men's Claddagh wedding ring is a real standout. The polished Claddagh design is highlighted against the darkened background. Like all our wedding bands, it comes with a hallmark from the Dublin Assays Office - your mark of authenticity. 

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What's the Story?

The Claddagh Ring Story

Pirates Role

Legend has it that a young Irish man, Richard Joyce, while on his way to the West Indies (where he planned to work and later return to marry his love), was kidnapped by a band of Mediterranean pirates and sold to a Moorish goldsmith, who over many long years helped him perfect the skills of a master craftsman.

True Love

When in 1689 King William III negotiated the return of the slaves, the goldsmith offered Joyce his daughter and half his wealth if he stayed, but Joyce denied his offer only to return home and marry his true love. It was then that he presented his beloved with an exquisite Claddagh ring as an expression of his love for her. Since then the ring has become a symbol of enduring commitment.

True Love

Modern Claddagh Rings

Today, Claddagh wedding rings (sterling silver Claddagh rings, diamond Claddagh rings and many others) are worn by people all over the world, by those with Irish roots and by others who simply wear it for the love of its design and the symbolism it embodies.

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Love Found

When worn on the right hand, with crown and heart facing out, the ring signifies that the wearer's heart is yet to be won. When in love, it is worn with the heart and crown facing inwards and on the left hand. The crown and heart facing inwards on the left hand declare to all that the love of your life has been found and you shall never be parted.

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Say it with a Claddagh Wedding Ring..

You too could own this priceless symbol of eternal love. Choose from our collection of certified diamond rings, sterling silver Claddagh wedding rings and much more, and mark a beautiful start to a life long commitment. Discover how this wonderful ring is crafted, step by step, by visiting our Making of the Claddagh section. Alternatively, enjoy browsing through our Irish wedding ring collection.

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