In this section, we showcase contemporary jewelry handmade by Irish designers with materials and metals sourced from Ireland, such as gold mined in County Tyrone. These unique jewelry pieces offer a beautifully understated way of celebrating your Irish heritage.

In this collection, you will find a range of earrings, pendants, cufflinks and rings from famed Irish designers such as Garret Mallon. Each piece meticulously crafted by hand and presented in luxury packaging. As with all our jewelry, everything is tested and hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office. This is your mark of quality and authenticity. 

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This Sterling silver Trinity Tree Of Life pendant has several diamond accents as leaves and sitting among them are three gold Trinity knots. Hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office, Ireland.

From $55.00

Several of the leaves in this Sterling silver Tree of Life necklace are filled with sparkling cubic zirconia. Handcrafted with care in Dublin by skilled Irish artisans and shipped worldwide.

From $75.00

The Celtic inspired silver Tree of Life pendant catches the eye with its beautiful, intricate design. This modern styled pendant comes with an 18 inch silver chain and luxury presentation box. Handmade in Ireland.

From $102.00

This beautiful Sterling silver "Tree Of Life" Trinity pendant is brought to life with a series of sparkling cubic zirconia. The pendant is tied together with an elegant gold Trinity knot, signifying the three Celtic goddesses - or in later years, the Holy Trinity. 

From $65.45

This Sterling silver Tree Of Life necklace is covered with white cubic zirconia, the branches and roots combine to produce a wonderful continuous Celtic knot design. Simple, elegant and stunning. Presented with luxury packaging and hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office.

From $97.00

This beautiful Claddagh pendant represents love, loyalty and friendship as symbolized by the heart, crown and hands. The Sterling silver circle is lined with white Swarovski® crystals. This pendant has a wonderful sparkle and is designed to catch the eye. Handcrafted in Ireland and wonderfully presented in luxury box. 

From $97.00

This simple Sterling silver Claddagh pendant is set alight with a row of light sapphire Swarovski® crystals. The Claddagh design represents love, loyalty and friendship. Making it an ideal gift for the woman in your life. Handcrafted by experienced Irish artisans, every pendant comes in a luxury presentation box.

From $85.00

Representing love, loyalty and friendship; this silver Claddagh pendant with rose gold plate is also lined with sparkling cubic zirconia which makes it stand out from the crowd. A wonderful silver gift for a special someone. Handcrafted in Ireland and presented in a luxurious box.

From $77.00

The sparkling silver Claddagh pendant with stone set is a beautiful reminder of the values the Claddagh design represents; love, loyalty and friendship. This stunning pendant is sure to attract attention. Handcrafted in Ireland by experienced Irish artisans and wonderfully presented in a luxury box.

From $84.00

The silver Claddagh pendant with emerald features an open heart and is adorned with emerald green and white cubic zirconia. It is a very pretty piece of jewelry which will be sure to please every time. Complete the set as matching earrings and ring are also available. Handcrafted with care in Ireland.

From $89.00

This Claddagh pendant has green and white cubic zirconia to add sparkle and color to the classic design. The Silver Claddagh stone set pendant is crafted in Sterling silver and is on an 18 inch chain. Matching earrings and ring are also available. Handcrafted in Ireland. 

From $90.00

A modern take on the old classic. The Sterling Silver Claddagh Gold Heart Pendant with the gold plated heart is a little larger so it will surely grab attention every time you wear it. Perfect gift for a sweetheart. Handmade in Ireland by skilled craftsmen and shipped worldwide. Delivered in a wonderful presentation box.

From $95.00

Two become one as the hands of this Claddagh are joined together by intertwining bands of Sterling silver. The Celtic knot Claddagh pendant is finished with a gold plated heart. What a beautiful expression of love, loyalty and friendship. Handmade to order in Ireland and shipped worldwide. Presented in a luxurious box.

From $76.00

This Sterling silver Claddagh with it's gold plated heart is sure to grab the attention of everyone around you. A contemporary version of an historic design, the Claddagh silver gold plate heart pendant is truly unique. Handcrafted with care by Irish artisans, then lovingly packaged in a luxury presentation box.

From $115.00

Let love and friendship reign, the phrase aptly summarizes the essence behind the beautifully crafted Claddagh ring. Consisting of two hands joined together to support a single heart with a crown upon it, Claddagh rings are symbolic of love, loyalty, friendship, fidelity and a proud Irish heritage. 

From $132.00

The Claddagh Trinity pendant with Swarovski® Crystals is a thing of beauty. The white crystals encrust the Claddagh design as well as the center Trinity knot. The crystals sparkle in their Sterling silver setting, highlighted by the gold plated heart. The perfect gift for that special woman in your life. 

From $133.00

The legendary Claddagh wraps around a gold plated Trinity knot in the silver Claddagh emerald diamond pendant. Completed with glistening diamond and emerald accents. This pendant is sure to please. Handcrafted with absolute care and attention by skilled Irish artisans and wonderfully presented in a luxurious box.

From $54.00

Artfully, detailed hands of friendship support a rich garnet, which often represents consistency, heart crowned with a delicately detailed crown of loyalty. This would make a wonderful gift for a special someone whose birthday is in January, as the garnet is their birthstone.

From $54.00

The band is decorated with a lovely infinite seeming, spiraling weave. Two very detailed hands of friendship support a deep amethyst, a stone of Sincerity and Peace, heart with a detailed crown of loyalty. The amethyst is also the February birthstone.

From $54.00

The Sterling silver tear drop shape that meets the wrists of artfully detailed, lustrous hands of friendship supporting a vibrant aquamarine zirconia heart that's crowned with an intricately designed crown of loyalty. The sparkling aquamarine is the March birthstone.

From $54.00

This beautiful pendant has elegant design that reaches artfully detailed hands of friendship supporting a scintillating cubic zirconia heart, representing Innocence and Love. The heart of course is topped with an intricately detailed crown of loyalty.

From $54.00

The polished band of this Claddagh pendant meets the wrists of intricately detailed hands of friendship supporting a heart of rich emerald. Emerald is the May birthstone, a stone of Happiness and Fertility. This heart is topped with an elaborately detailed crown of loyalty.

From $54.00

The Claddagh legend touches us all and this one has a heart of the June birthstone, alexandrite. This glistening deep-hued gemstone also represents Steadiness, appropriate for a heart supported by artfully detailed hands of friendship, and being crowned by an intricate crown of loyalty. 

From $54.00

The king of the gem world and the July birthstone, a vivid sparkling ruby is the heart of this Claddagh pendant. The band of this pendant is highly polished and that meets the wrists of lustrous, artfully detailed hands of friendship supporting the ruby heart of nobility and beauty, which is crowned with an intricately detailed crown of loyalty.

From $54.00

Augusts birthstone the peridot with its unique vivid spring green adds a lively sparkle to any piece of jewelry. The stone represents Felicity and protection and makes the heart of this Claddagh design. The crown of loyalty upon the peridot heart is intricately detailed with beautiful hand-craftsmanship. 

From $54.00

A brilliantly designed pendant with a highly polished band connecting to wrists of lustrous hands of friendship, supporting a heart intricately crowned with loyalty makes the legendary Claddagh ring wearable in a modern trend. This one's heart is made of September's birthstone, the rich elegant sapphire. A stone representing Wisdom and calmness. 

From $54.00

The heart of this Claddagh designed pendant is a precious pink Tourmaline, the birthstone of October, and represents Hope and Creativity. The pale scintillating gemstone compliments the Sterling silver, 10k gold, 14k gold, or brilliant 14k white gold that this pendant is available in. 

From $54.00

These yellow stones have just that mellow, warm tone that seems to have captured the last glow of autumn. Representing friendship, citrine jewelry shimmers and brings a hint of sunshine to those dull November days. Its also available in sterling silver, blazing 10k or 14k gold, and glamorous white gold. 

From $54.00

Blue topaz jewelry has a uniquely radiant color that helps make it a striking choice, naturally occurring blue topaz is extremely rare. This vivid gem is the birthstone for December, and represents Success. It is no wonder the stone is chosen for the heart of this stately Claddagh designed pendant.

From $70.00

The Claddagh symbol in this pendant is finished with a Garnet cubic zirconia, the birthstone of those born in January. Crafted from Sterling silver, it comes with an 18 inch silver chain. This is the perfect gift for your January girl. Surprise your loved one with a thoughtful and meaningful gift.

From $70.00

The rich purple amethyst is the birthstone of a February lass. In this birthstone pendant the Sterling silver Claddagh sets off the Amethyst stone to perfection. Every pendant is handcrafted with care in Dublin, Ireland and then beautifully presented in a luxury presentation box. 

From $70.00

Deep and cool, the aquamarine is the birthstone of March. The heart's love meets loyalty and friendship in this Claddagh pendant fit for a queen. Delicately crafted by hand in Ireland by skilled artisans and wonderfully presented in a luxurious box. The perfect sweetheart gift!

From $70.00

An icy heart of stone takes on a whole new meaning when the stone is the diamond symbol of the April child. Complimented by the lovely Claddagh design, this pendant really is a girl's best friend. We use CZ instead of diamond to keep this pendant affordable. Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland.

From $70.00

Emerald green is the color of the May birthstone. Coupled with a Sterling silver Claddagh, this makes the perfect gift for a lady born in this summer month. Handcrafted with care in Ireland and shipped worldwide. each pendant comes with its own luxurious presentation box.

From $70.00

The stunning alexandrite CZ is represented at the heart of this Claddagh pendant. The June lady will shine in this beautiful birthstone necklace. Claddagh represents love, loyalty and friendship - making this a perfect gift for that someone special. Handmade in Ireland and presented in a beautiful luxury box.

From $70.00

A ruby red heart is the birthstone at the center of this classic Claddagh pendant. The traditional emblem meets the July ruby CZ stone in the center. Representing love, loyalty and friendship, the old Claddagh design and its meaning still resonates today. Handcrafted in Ireland by experienced Irish artisans and presented in a luxurious box.

From $70.00

The stone of compassion and healing, the peridot is the birthstone of August. This exquisite Claddagh pendant is the perfect gift for your lovely August rose. Crafted by hand and with care by highly skilled Irish artisans and beautifully presented in a luxurious box.

From $70.00

Sapphire blue is the deep heart of this birthstone Claddagh pendant. The hands of friendship and the crown of loyalty finish the design beautifully. Learn more about the meaning of the Claddagh below. Handmade to order, these beautiful pendants come in a luxurious presentation box and make the ideal sweetheart gift.

From $70.00

This is the perfect gift for the princess in your life. The pink CZ playfully sparkles in this October Claddagh birthstone pendant. An 18 inch Sterling silver chain is included. Handcrafted by experienced Irish artisans, each pendant comes with its own luxurious presentation box.

From $70.00

Small white CZ gems line the border of this November Claddagh birthstone pendant. The heart of the Claddagh is occupied by a beautiful Topaz CZ stone. The perfect gift for any occasion. Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland by skilled artisans and carefully packaged in a luxury presentation box.

From $70.00

A beautiful Topaz blue CZ stone fills the heart of this exquisite December Claddagh birthstone pendant. White CZ stones line the border of the Claddagh for additional sparkle. The Claddagh emblem represents love, loyalty and friendship. Handmade to order by Irish artisans and beautifully presented in a luxurious box.

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