Irish wedding rings, symbolic of eternal love and loyalty, are a visible acknowledgement of both faith and commitment. For that special wedding day, or as a means of expressing your love for each other, what better than an authentic Irish wedding ring? These wedding bands can be a beautiful statement of both your love and your heritage.

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Using the beautiful, ancient Ogham script (evidence of use as far back as the 4th century), we have spelled out the word "Happiness". A simple message with such deep meaning. Celebrate your Celtic heritage with this fine Irish Ogham wedding ring. The ring is crafted from Sterling silver, 10k, 14k yellow or white gold.

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Handcrafted in Ireland by experienced Irish artisans, the Tree of Life wedding ring has 16 words surrounding band and the tree''s roots; Regret, Devotion, Trust, Pride, Live, Love, Friendship, Joy, Hope, Forgiveness, Courage, Sorrow, Passion, Faith, Acceptance, Life!

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The Irish Promise ring is available in Sterling silver with oxidized finish, 10K and 14K white or yellow gold. Engraved in the outer band are the phrases Mo Anam Cara and Gra Go Deo, which mean My Soul Mate and Love Forever. The English translation for both phrases are on the inside of the band.

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This barbed wire wedding ring has the barbed wire engraved on the outer band. The front of the band has the Trinity knot design sitting within a shield. The perfect wedding band for the rebel couple! Handcrafted in Ireland by vastly experienced Irish artisans and hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office.

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Handcrafted in Ireland by experienced artisans, the Irish knot ring displays a modern take on intricate Irish knot design which is engraved around the entire band. The endless knot signifies the cycle of life and eternal love. Hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office for quality, this is your stamp of authenticity.

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Using the ancient Irish script called Ogham, we have crafted the perfect Irish wedding ring which reads; My Soulmate. The famous Trinity knot can be found at the start and end of the script. Handcrafted from the finest materials and hallmarked in the Dublin Assays Office, your mark of quality and authenticity.

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This remarkable band is in either yellow or white gold with the words "Mo Anam Cara" engraved in contrasting gold. These Gaelic words translate nearly perfectly to "my soul mate." Even better the words are separated by three Irish Claddagh symbols. This symbol encompasses friendship, love, and loyalty.

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The beautiful Irish friendship ring is ideal not only for a wedding ring, but also a friendship, or commitment ring, as it has the words "Love, Loyalty, Friendship" written on the band in the Gaelic language - "Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas". There is also the famous Claddagh design on the ring, symbolizing these same values.

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The words "Love, Loyalty, Friendship" are shown on this friendship ring with trim, written in Gaelic it reads "Gra Dilseacht Cairdeas", with each word separated by the famous Claddagh design. This is one of our wider wedding rings, it has a 2 mm gold trim.

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The Irish words on this beautiful Gaelic wedding ring are "Gra geal mo chroi", meaning "love of my heart", making it the perfect wedding band in sentiment as well as appearance. Also featured in the design are two Newgrange symbols from the famous ancient stones. Your ring will be hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office.

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The Gaelic wedding band with trim is one of our more popular wedding rings. The Gaelic translation of the words on the band "Gra geal mo chroi", meaning "love of my heart", are crafted into the gold band. Then the ring is set between two 2 mm gold trims. Between each word is a heart or an ancient Newgrange circle.

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The Gaelic words ''gra go deo'' are inscribed on the band of this gorgeous wedding ring, they mean simply ''forever love''. The words are highly polished and contrast beautifully with the matte background. To complete the design, between each word is the Celtic Saint Andrew knot.

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This is one of our most striking gold wedding rings. It features the "Forever Love" inscription, written in Gaelic, "gra go deo" and between each word is the Celtic Saint Andrew knot. This lovely wide ring is complimented with a 2 mm gold trim on each side, or you can choose contrasting gold trims.

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The Claddagh is one of the most important Irish symbols and this Claddagh soulmate band features three of them. To create an even more significant wedding ring, our craftsmen have set the Gaelic words "mo anam cara" meaning "my soul friend" between each one. Turn the ring slightly and it reads; "cara mo anam" which is "friend of my soul".

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The Claddagh soulmate ring with trim features ''my soul mate'' written in Gaelic on the band. It also has three Claddagh designs separating the three words - ''Mo Anam Cara''. The ring is one of our wider ones and has a contrasting gold trim on either side, or you can choose matching gold trims.

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This Irish wedding ring was inspired by the Irish Warrior shield found on the Ardagh Chalice. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to share thier Irish heritage with the world. This beautiful wedding band is handcrafted to order. It is also made with a "comfort fit" design, so it should feel good all the time.

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The Irish wedding ring with trim was made to bring a little bit of Irish culture into a newlywed couple's life. The inspiration was taken from the beautiful Ardagh Chalice with the Irish warrior shield engraved into the band. It is combined with today's culture by combing the contrasting gold trimming. 

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The warrior shield design on this narrow Irish wedding ring was inspired by the Ardagh Chalice. The famous chalice was rediscovered in 1868 and has been an important part of Irish culture ever since. It is believed it was used by the Irish during the twelfth century. We have used these very same designs to craft this modern women's wedding ring.

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This narrow Irish wedding ring with trim was designed from the artwork found on the intricate Ardagh Chalice. The Irish warrior shield was discovered engraved on the chalice in 1868 and is believed to date back to the twelfth century. This narrow wedding ring is a very tasteful choice for anyone interested in Irish culture.

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Gaelic Rings

With an Irish ring, I thee wed...

Celtic Tradition

These Irish wedding rings keep the traditional look and retain their elegance and beauty to stand out among the rest. Each Irish wedding band has a distinctive pattern that adds to the overall beauty of the ring. Many of these wedding bands carry meaningful phrases written in Gaelic and each beautifully designed Irish wedding ring carries the hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office.

Celtic Knot Pattern

For Her and For Him

Our Irish wedding bands for men and women are beautiful and crafted to meet the highest quality standards. Many of our rings have a strong and masculine look that any husband would be proud to wear. The women's styles of rings are lovely and feminine. There are matching wedding bands for men and women or, if you prefer, there are also complementary styles.

His & Hers Wedding Rings

Without Words

Men's Irish wedding bands, as well as women's, are symbolic of love and loyalty. Wearing any of these rings can signify a committed and loving relationship just as beautifully as they can be a symbol of marriage.

If you are having difficulty choosing the perfect Irish wedding band contact Celtic Rings Ltd by mail, phone or email for assistance. We would be happy to help you.

Wedding Doves

Personalized Engravings

The Irish ring has and will always convey the message of love and eternity in true spirit. The circle of precious metal symbolizes never-ending devotion between partners, and is a spiritual bind and constant reminder of each other. For a personalized wedding ring, our range of Irish rings have sentiments such as 'My Soul Mate', 'Love Forever' and 'Love, Loyalty and Friendship' beautifully embedded in the Gaelic language, conveying your message in the most romantic way possible. How better to evoke your message than with a timeless phrase written in a beautiful language? Bridging the gap between timeless Irish classics and contemporary Irish jewelry designs, we are sure you'll find the perfect ring to suit here.

Personalized Engraving

Say it with an Irish Wedding Ring..

In more recent years, the Irish Claddagh Ring has gained worldwide renown and is gifted and worn with pride. The symbols on it stand for Love, Loyalty and Friendship, and are the perfect way to express your depth of feelings on your wedding day. Your wedding day is the most precious day of your life, one that you'll look back on years from now with fondness, an Irish wedding ring is the perfect finishing touch to the day. Each ring has a continuous Claddagh or Celtic design running around the edge of the ring, making it a most distinctive and unique piece. Our exclusive range of Irish Claddagh diamond rings combine the beauty of the Claddagh symbol with the brilliance of diamonds, used to stunning effect. Take the time to visit our Claddagh wedding rings category too

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