Ciaran Irish Wedding Ring


Product Code : C-43

Our craftsmen have fashioned this beautiful wedding ring for those who prefer white gold. It reads 'Love of My Heart', in Gaelic, 'Gra geal mo chroi' and in between the words is a heart and two of the ancient Newgrange symbols. To complete the style, the ring has a 2mm yellow gold trim. Choose from 10k, 14k or 18k gold, all versions will carry the hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office..

The name Ciaran is from the Gaelic cara and in meaning little friend or little beloved. The men's ring is Oengus, from aon meaning excellent and gus, which is strength or vigor.

Women's Width: 8.9mm - 9.0mm
Men's Width: 9.9mm - 10.0mm

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