Teagan Irish Wedding Ring


Product Code : C-44

The Gaelic words 'gra go deo' are inscribed on the band of this gorgeous wedding ring, they mean simply 'love forever'. The words are highly polished and contrast beautifully with the matt gold background. To complete the design, between each word is the Celtic Saint Andrew knot. Choose from 10k, 14k or 18k gold, in white or yellow and this ring is also available in silver or platinum. Each one will carry the hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office.

Teagan is the Irish form of the Welsh name Tegwin, which means beautiful. The men's ring is Riordan from ri meaning king and bardan meaning poet so the name means royal poet. In Irish tradition the poet was very highly esteemed.

Women's Width: 6.2mm - 6.3mm
Men's Width: 7.2mm - 7.3mm

Celtic Knots Meaning