For the Celts, the Tree of Life or "Crann Bethadh" in gaelic, represented the connection between earth and the spirit world. When clearing an area of forest to create new settlements, the Celts would always leave the largest tree standing and make that the centre of their settlement.

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"Crann Bethadh"

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Crann Bethadh - Gaelic for Tree of Life

The Celts believed that trees represented their ancestors and had a direct connection to the spirit world. The oak tree was believed to be the most sacred of all trees. In the gaelic language, the oak tree was called 'Daur' - which in modern English means 'door'. The door to the spirit world. However, the Tree of Life is not only found in Celtic history. It has its roots in many cultures such as ancient Egypt, Iran and China. It is also found in religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and even Norse mythology.

Celtic Tree of Life

Druids & The Tree of Life

The word Druid is derived from the Celtic word "dru" meaning "tree" (in particular, oak) and "wid" which means "to know" (as in vision). Literally meaning, "they who know the oak". The Oak tree was considered the most sacred of all trees. Considered to be the doorway to the spirit world and the Druids were the guardians of the doorway.

The oak tree was worshipped for its many qualities such as longevity, wisdom, strength and stability. All Celtic ceremonies would be held under the largest oak tree in the settlement. It was also believed by many Celts that one could fall asleep by a particular oak tree and often awake in the land of the faeries, or fairy realm.

Druid under Tree of Life

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