For the Celts, the Tree of Life or "Crann Bethadh" in gaelic, represented the connection between earth and the spirit world. When clearing an area of forest to create new settlements, the Celts would always leave the largest tree standing and make that the centre of their settlement.

Own a piece of Celtic history with one of our beautiful Celtic Tree of Life necklaces or pendants. Handcrafted in Ireland with worldwide shipping.

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From $160.00

This Sterling silver Trinity Tree Of Life pendant has several diamond accents as leaves and sitting among them are three gold Trinity knots. Hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office, Ireland.

From $55.00

Several of the leaves in this Sterling silver Tree of Life necklace are filled with sparkling cubic zirconia. Handcrafted with care in Dublin by skilled Irish artisans and shipped worldwide.

From $75.00

The Celtic inspired silver Tree of Life pendant catches the eye with its beautiful, intricate design. This modern styled pendant comes with an 18 inch silver chain and luxury presentation box. Handmade in Ireland.

From $65.45

This Sterling silver Tree Of Life necklace is covered with white cubic zirconia, the branches and roots combine to produce a wonderful continuous Celtic knot design. Simple, elegant and stunning. Presented with luxury packaging and hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office.

From $80.00

Celebrate your Celtic heritage with this beautiful Tree of Life necklace, the branches form the shape of several Trinity knots and the surround has an Irish marble inset.

From $70.00

Connemara marble is used as the backdrop for this wonderful Tree of Life pendant. Nestled between the branches is the Celtic Trinity knot symbol. Handmade in Ireland.

From $85.00

When you want to really catch someones eye, then this Tree of Life pendant delivers. Two rows of sparkling zirconia bring this piece to life. Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland.

From $135.00

Silver and rose gold Tree of Life pendant made from rare Irish gold. Handmade in Ireland with worldwide shipping. A gift wrapped in historical meaning. Presented in luxury presentation box and handcrafted in Ireland.

From $55.00

Sterling silver Celtic Tree of Life necklace. Handcrafted in Ireland, this necklace comes with luxury packaging and ships with FedEx. Handmade in Ireland, this wonderful necklace comes in luxury packaging. A perfect gift for your soul mate.

From $185.00

Silver and rose gold Tree of Life pendant is brought to life with sparkling zirconia, all sitting on an 18 inch silver chain. The outer rim and Trinity knot are made from rare Irish gold. Handmade in Ireland with worldwide shipping.

From $65.00

Handmade by Irish artisans, this pendant has a beaded effect around the rim, protecting the Tree of Life. The branches are in the shape of Trinity knots and a green zirconia sits in the center.

From $60.00

Sterling silver Celtic Tree of Life necklace with Emerald. The emerald draws the eye to the center of the piece, then it is the intricate branches of the tree that take over. Crafted by hand in Dublin, Ireland. This beautiful necklace comes with luxury packaging and ships worldwide.

From $80.00

Three small Trinity knots nestle among the branches in this Tree of Life pendant. Several of the leaves glow with emerald green zirconia. Handmade in Ireland.

From $186.00

Sterling silver Disc Holder & Tree of Life Disc. This beautiful pendant comes with luxury packaging and a 20 inch Belcher chain with extension. This makes a truly thoughtful gift, learn more about the various meanings behind the Tree of Life by following the link below.

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