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Our Sterling silver women's Celtic knot ring symbolizes both your individuality and your interconnectedness. Spanning the center channel of the band, the Celtic link knots feature a slightly diamond-shaped design paired with an endlessly interwoven pattern.

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Your lives are entwined for eternity, but your commitment does not diminish your individuality. Our sterling silver men’s Celtic link knot band conveys this powerful message in its bold design and unique symbolism.

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Love, Loyalty & Friendship - These are the three core values the Claddagh ring represents. We have even engraved those words on the inside of this Sterling silver band. The hands represent friendship, the crown is loyalty and the heart is love.

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This simple silver band with 10K yellow gold double Trinity symbol makes a great gift for any man or woman with an interest in Celtic and/or Christianity symbols. This symbol, also known as a triquetra, has had significant meanings over the course of history.

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This slim women's ring has been designed with the Celtic Warrior Shield. This symbol is most commonly known for being on the Ardagh chalice - an important relic in Celtic history. It was also a symbol found on Celtic shields when warriors went into battle.

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This men's Sterling silver Claddagh wedding ring is handmade in Ireland. The Claddagh symbol is expertly set into the band and on the inside of the band are the words love, loyalty and friendship - the three values the Claddagh design represents.

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This women''s Claddagh wedding ring is crafted from the finest Sterling silver. The Claddagh design is inset into the band, giving it a more solid appeal. The words love, loyalty and friendship are engraved on the inside of the band.

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This women's silver Claddagh ring has a modern twisted shank. This elegant touch makes the ring stand out. Made from the finest Sterling silver and hallmarked in the Dublin Assays Office, this Claddagh ring is sure to please.

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A tribal-inspired Celtic knot is the center of the design, creating a winding motif and providing dimension to this powerful ring, while a twisted cord border pattern flanks the Celtic knots on top and bottom, giving the ring its rugged frame and finishing the band.

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This Celtic wedding ring is one of our more unusual styles. Our craftsmen have created on the band the design of the Trinity knot, which represents the father, the Son and the Holy ghost. Between each knot is a vivid green emerald, enhanced by diamond accents.

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Our craftsmen have designed this truly lovely wedding ring, consisting of a yellow or white gold band with a white or yellow gold Claddagh design inset into the band. To each side of the Claddagh are set three sparkling accent diamonds and to the other side of the diamonds is a Celtic Infinity knot. 

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A pair of these beautiful handmade matching rings would suit both bride and groom perfectly. Choose from 14k white gold for the band, with a contrasting yellow gold trim, or all white gold. Both versions feature the Claddagh design together with the Celtic Trinity knot.

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This simple, but very elegant handmade Claddagh wedding ring is available in 14k white or yellow gold. All versions will carry the hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office. As well as the Claddagh design also featured is the Celtic Trinity knot.

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This Celtic symbol man ring is great for the guy who not only loves Celtic heritage but also loves detailed jewelry. This ring, available in white gold, yellow gold, or silver, has been detailed with a serpent forming the Celtic knot symbol around the band.

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Our craftsmen have taken the simple and timeless Celtic knot design and fashioned it into this elegant pierced Celtic wedding ring. The design represents the relationship between love and life, making it the ideal wedding band!

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This intricate filigree version of the Trinity knot, with all its symbolism of the Holy Trinity or the triple gods and goddesses of the ancient Celts, is a stunning example of the craftsmanship of our expert jewelry makers. It's available in both white and yellow gold. 

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This Infinity knot Celtic wedding band is available in Sterling silver but now you can also buy it in either 10K and 14K white or yellow gold. Handcrafted in Ireland and hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office.

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