This Year, Enjoy a Celtic Valentines Day!

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With Christmas well and truly over and The New Year underway, it can be a rather gloomy time of year. We all need a little romance in our lives and fortunately there are next month’s Valentine’s Day celebrations to look forward to. No matter if you are buying a present for a lady or a gent, there is no better choice of gift than Celtic jewelry. Chocolates are full of calories, flowers may be beautiful, but they quickly fade, whereas an exquisite piece of jewelry, recreated from the Celtic designs of hundreds of years ago can last a lifetime. Anyone who has ancestors or relatives who are Irish, Welsh or Scottish would find such a gift particularly appealing.

The history surrounding St Valentine and his special day is very mysterious; he is believed to have been a priest at the time of third century Rome. The legend goes that the Emperor Claudius banned marriage for soldiers at this time, in the belief that single men made better warriors. Valentine realized how unjust this law was and continued to perform marriages for soldiers, defying Claudius, an action with ultimately cost him his life! However, February has long been a month associated with romance among both Romans and Christians throughout the centuries and there are many other legends relating to this famous saint. Whatever the facts, most people enjoy this special day and the traditions surrounding it.

If a proposal of marriage is on the horizon what better time of year could there be to pop the question? If either of you have a Celtic heritage, it will be an unforgettable moment if you combine the authenticity and beauty of a unique Celtic engagement ring with the romance of Valentine’s Day for this special occasion. There is no other culture so famous for their love of poetry, music, symbolism and artistry and there are many options to choose from if you wish to buy Celtic jewelry as a Valentine’s Day gift, whether it is a special engagement ring, a pendant or earrings. There is also plenty of choice for the gents, cuff-links, tiepins, crosses and of course, rings.

Birthstone jewelry is always popular and when the gemstone is carefully set into a Celtic mounting it is an especially thoughtful gift. If price is a consideration, many designs are available in sterling silver, is a precious metal which looks particularly attractive for Celtic jewelry. White gold and yellow gold are also popular choices, for those who can spend a little more.

Birthstone Claddagh Rings

The May Claddagh Birthstone Ring

If you wish to make a real impact with a gift for your lady, you could choose to purchase a set of matching earrings, pendant and ring in for instance, the Claddagh design.

This has deep symbolism of friendship and togetherness, the heart itself signifies love and the crown in the Claddagh ring stands for loyalty. This makes a perfect choice for a Valentine’s Day gift especially if this setting is chosen to be an engagement ring. Make Valentine’s Day more memorable this year, with a gift of Celtic jewelry!


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