Aibreann Weissgold mit Trim

  • Damen - 10k Weiß & Gelb Trim - $737.00
  • Damen - 10k Alle Weißgold - $737.00
  • Damen - 14k Weiß & Gelb Trim - $983.00
  • Damen - 14k Alle Weißgold - $983.00
  • Herren - 10k Weiß & Gelb Trim - $930.00
  • Herren - 10k Alle Weißgold - $930.00
  • Herren - 14k Weiß & Gelb Trim - $1289.00
  • Herren - 14k Alle Weißgold - $1289.00

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Die Aibreann Infinity-Band ist ein idealer keltische Ehering. Es verfügt über die klassischen endlosen keltischen Knoten in Weißgold, mit der Wahl eines eleganten 2mm Rand an jeder Seite entweder in Gelbgold kontras oder in Weißgold in der Mitte Knotenarbeit zu entsprechen.

Ebenfalls erhältlich ist die passende Männer keltische Ehering, der "Ailbe", ein mans Name bedeutet "weiß".

Frauen der Breite: 7,3mm - 7,4mm
Für Männer Breite: 8,8 mm - 8,9 mm

Celtic Knot - Bedeutungen

keltischere TRAURINGE

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A Royal History...

While the female version of this ring, Aibreann, is simply a common Irish name and the Gaelic word for the month of April, the name of the male ring, Ailbe (“living rock”), has a more detailed past. Ailbe or St. Ailbe, commonly pronounced Elvis, has been remembered through tales of legend.

He was born to the King of Munster and a slave woman. The king refused to acknowledge him as his son, and instead hired a man to kill him. The man was unable to do so and left Ailbe with a she-wolf. Later, he would be raised by a group of Britons that were staying in Ireland. On their return to Briton, they reluctantly took Ailbe with them because they needed his help in crossing the water.

Ailbe would leave here to travel to Rome where he would become ordained. It is said that he fed the Roman people for three days before returning to Ireland. Here he would live out his life involved in royal politics, and he would found the See of Emly.

Before his death, Ailbe would travel over to the other side on a supernatural ship. Here it is said he would learn the secret of his death. Upon returning, he would travel back to Emly where he would soon die and be buried there.

The truth of St. Ailbe’s life is hard to determine. Many guess that he was ordained through St. Patrick, but even that is clouded in legend. There are even stories that suggest St. Ailbe brought Christianity to Ireland before St. Patrick. While the truth is probably much tamer, he must have been an incredible man for such a story to be depicted of his life.

Aug 10, 2017, 02:14 | By Verified Customer

Service rating : So happy with my purchase!! Ring gifts great. I'm glad I went 1/4 size bigger than what my engagement ring is. This is a beautiful handcrafted ring that I will be wearing for a very long time. Great communication and customer service!! My ring shipped the date they told me it would and arrived a few days later!!
Product : Everything I was looking for.

Oct 29, 2016, 12:32 | By (Gainesville, FL)

Vincent, the ring arrived as scheduled on Friday and we are more than pleased with both the quality and the service we received from your Celtic Rings. We presented you with a challenge to produce our ring in a short period of time and you delivered that and more. It is beautiful and we could not be happier.
We thank you for your effort that went above and beyond, and for the quality of work by your wonderful company.
Sincerely, Mike Kilberg

Jul 01, 2016, 07:38 | By (Herefordshire)

Service rating : Celtic Rings were very attentive and provided a very good service
Product : Beautiful and perfectly made

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