Trinity Schulter CZ Ring

  • Silber & 10k Gold
  • 10k Gelbgold
  • 10k Weißgold
  • 14k Gelbgold
  • 14k Weißgold

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Ein großes Geschenk für die wichtige Frau in Ihrem Leben ist das Trinity Schulterring. Es kommt entweder in einem silbernen oder Gelbgold Band. An den Schultern des Ringes sind zwei Gelbgold Trinity Symbole, die bekannt sind, die ewige Liebe zu symbolisieren. Dann direkt in der Mitte ist ein funkelnder Zirkonia Stein.

Dieser Ring ist eine gute Wahl, ihr zu zeigen, dass Ihre Liebe hat kein Ende. Das Trinity Symbol ohne Anfang oder Endpunkt ist eine Darstellung dieser Liebe. So zeigen sie heute, was sie Ihnen bedeutet. Erhältlich in Silber mit 10k Gelbgold Schultern oder 14K Gelbgold Band mit 14 Karat Weißgold Schultern.

Steinbreite: 5mm
Größe Top: 4.8mm
Größe Unten: 3mm



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The Love Story of Joseph Plunkett and Grace Gifford

Like so many Irish stories, their love stories are often filled with battle and tragedy. This story follows that same path. This one, however, helped Ireland gain its freedom from Great Britain.

Joseph Plunkett was a poet and academic that was a leader in the 1916 Easter Rising in Dublin. He played a strong role in the Irish Rebellion. He was a member of the Military Council of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. He was officially the Director of Military Operations; however, his prominent role in helping the rebellion would be when he co-founded the Irish Review. He would use this to help further the cause of supporting nationalist causes and parties.

Grace Gifford was from an affluent Irish family. Her mother and father to avoid religious problems raised their boys as Catholics and their girls as Protestants. She would go on to become a popular cartoonist who created caricatures of public officials from that time.

Grace was introduced to the 1916 Rising through her sister, who would later marry one of the members. This was the same time that she was also being introduced to the slums that people, primarily in Dublin, where being forced to live in. Her sisters and she began working with groups to improve the lives of these people.

Grace and Joseph became friends through his devout Catholicism, and her desire to learn more about the faith. Although, she was raised as a Protestant, Grace often felt as though most of the congregation of Church of the Holy Trinity in Rathmines were there to show off their wealth instead of gain spiritual guidance. This connection would be what would lead to their love of each other.

Joe and Grace were engaged in December 1915. It is believed that they had planned on an Easter wedding in 1916. On April 7, 1916, Grace was accepted into the Catholic Church.

Joe was arrested by the English army in 1916 in the Richmond Barracks. Shortly before his execution, often believed to be one hour, on May 4, Grace and he were allowed to marry in the church’s chapel. Joe was 28-years-old when he died.

During the ceremony, Grace said, “We who never had enough time to say what we wanted to each other found that in the last ten minutes we couldn’t talk at all.” The entire visit lasted ten minutes.
Grace never remarried. It was also said that she would dress as if in mourning for the rest of her life. She would use her talents as a caricature to support the struggles for Irish independence. Joe’s two volumes of poetry, The Circle of the Sword and Occulta, were published after his death.

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Service rating : Beautifully crafted ring. Great service.
Product : Beautiful. Will be back !!

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Service rating : The order was very simple and the rings was delivered earlier than expected, my partner and I are happy with our rings.
Product : Very easy order, arrived quicker than expected, love his and her rings in the same box. Everything went as it should.

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Service rating : Great communication!
Product : The ring is very nice. My girlfriend loves it. A great addition to your collection!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Service rating : Beautiful rings, perfect service!
Product : Perfect! Even better then we expected!

Apr 07, 2017, 15:13 | By

Customer service was outstanding. It's a beautiful piece, nicely made. I wish it were bigger so the trinity detail on the shoulders would be more pronounced/recognizable.

Jan 14, 2017, 13:44 | By

Service rating : Excellent quality ring, Fast service too. Delighted with my shopping experience
Product : Beautiful piece of jewellery. Perfectly crafted and perfect fit

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Service rating : Excentl customer service. Couldn't ask for better!
Product : Product is outstanding. Even better than what I expected from website pictures.

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Service rating : Professional and personal service that was quick and efficient. Confirmation of the product and the personal understanding of the situation was very nice.
Product : Good quality with excellent workmanship that shows. Fitting was close and suits. I was very happy with the product. Hope to get more in the future.

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Service rating : Great service from start to finish. After I ordered I got an email asking me if I was sure and had the size right. And also care after the order was already delivered. It shows that this store cares about its customers.
Product : It looked great on the website, and it looks even better when I opened the box at hime.

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Beautifull work. Worried about the customer. Recommended!! AAAA++++

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Service rating : I had communication from the seller from as soon as the purchase was made until afterwards to ensure everything was good. They contacted me to confirm the ring size whilst asking if there was a date I needed it for which whilst I didn't was still a service I hadn't come across before.
Product : The finshed product I received was more stunning than the pictures and even the box it arrived within. When the time comes in the future I will definitely look to use again.

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Excellent customer service ring was beautiful fit perfect very happy I have just order a second ring

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Service rating : I was quite impressed with the customer service and level of professionalism and responsibility. I appreciate it.
Product : The ring was as expected, great build and beautiful.

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