Engagement Rings

Choose from our preset engagement rings or design your own by selecting the band and diamond seperatley. Every diamond has adhered to the Kimberley Process and is only sourced from conflict-free zones. Each stone is certified with either the GIA or EGL, your proof of value. All of our engagement rings are hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office, a government run agency that tests the quality of the metal before marking the band. This is your mark of quality and signals that your engagemnent ring was made in Ireland.

Celtic Engagement Rings

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Obviously you want your Celtic engagement ring to be as unique and as special as your love itself, and what better way to express that than with a hand crafted engagement ring. Browse our extensive selection of preset Celtic engagement rings.

Diamond Education

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Our Diamond Education section offers valuable information on diamond clarity and the finer points of diamond carat size, etc. It also works as an informative diamond clarity guide for those who may want reference before buying their diamond jewelry. Diamonds are graded and priced based on the "4C's". The "4C's" stand for cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. Learn more.