Fairy Stories

Fairies are often depicted as tiny benevolent winged creatures but in reality, such images are a modern invention. Fairies are actually legendary (some would say mythical) beings with varying degrees of power and not all of them can fly! While some fairies perform good deeds, others, such as the Banshee, are genuinely terrifying and could potentially harm you.

Although there are fairy stories in countries all over the world, nowhere compares to Ireland and Britain when it comes to the most interesting, fascinating and extraordinary tales. You’ll be shocked to discover which creatures are classified as ‘fairies’.

Are You a Believer?

It is all too easy to dismiss fairy stories as nothing more than fanciful figments of the imagination. But did you know there are still sightings of fairies in Ireland and other places around the world today? If you want to know more about fairies, read about incredible sightings and whisk yourself away to a place of wonder and mystery, you have come to the right place!

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