How to measure your ring size accurately

‘How do I measure ring size?’ This is perhaps the most commonly asked question while shopping for rings online. Hence this page! We want you to be 100% sure that the ring you buy fits perfectly.

The best way of doing this is to get your finger measured by your local jeweler. If that is not an option (and you have a ring already to compare with), You can use the following tool:

Find Your Ring Size
(NOTE : Guide only)

International Ring Size Chart

Below is a chart of ring sizes to help our international customers figure out how sizes match up. If you intend to purchase a wide ring with trim or a wide fitting ring (6mm or more) we suggest you go up a 1/2 size than your normal ring size for e.g., if you are normally a size 6 then you would need to order a size 6 1/2 (6.5).

* As of January 2019

US & Canada Sizes UK & Ireland Diameter in Millimeters Circumference Millimeters
4 H 14.8mm 46.5mm
4.5 I 15.2mm 47.8mm
5 J 15.6mm 49mm
5.5 K 16.1mm 50.3mm
6 L 16.4 51.5mm
6.5 M 16.8mm 52.8mm
7 N 17.2mm 54mm
7.5 O 17.6mm 55.3mm
8 P 18mm 56.6mm
8.5 Q 18.4mm 57.8mm
9 R 18.8mm 59.1mm
9.5 S 19.2mm 60.3mm
10 T 19.6mm 61.6mm
10.5 U 20mm 62.8mm
11 V 20.4mm 64.1mm
11.5 W 20.7mm 65.3mm
12 X 21.2mm 66.6mm
12.5 Y 21.6mm 67.9mm
13 Z 22mm 69.1mm
13.5 Z+1 22.6mm 71mm

What if I need my ring resized?

In the unlikely event, that your ring doesn’t fit, we can resize it for you. Simply return the ring to us along with your order number and the size you want the ring changed to. There is a charge of €35, which includes return delivery.

Note : This is only for 1/2 size resizing. Full sizes or more can incur a higher cost as we might have to redo the ring from scratch.