How To Avoid Bad Jewelry Sites: Part 1

In this section we look at how best to avoid being scammed when buying jewelry online. Unfortunately, online fraud can become a very real risk if not vigilant.

Anyone who has ever bought jewelry online has faced the ‘How to tell a good website from a bad one?’ dilemma. There are so many eye-catching online shops out there which promise great quality customer service and the best prices in their niche but unfortunately few prove to be really good. Follow the criteria below to find a truly reliable online jeweller and how not to be scammed.


We look at the top three criterion for avoiding bad jewelry sites.

Criterion 1 – Customer Support

What happens after you make an order is just as critical as the product itself. Good online jewelry retailers know modern buyers are looking for a positive shopping experience rather than items alone. Fair return policies, warranties and signature gift boxes are what reliable shops provide for every client. Some even send ‘thank you’ emails to their customers.

Criterion 2 – Web Design

The most appealing jewelry sites are usually those that feature the glamour and splendour of diamonds, gems, gold and silver. However, all that glitters is not gold. Most importantly, the site you choose should be easy to navigate and offer advanced search options. Complex navigation menus take lots of time to understand while confusing directions may not bring you to the product you are looking for.

Criterion 3 – Prices

Paradoxically, in an era of intense competition in the jewelry market you risk overpaying for an engagement ring. Although the highest prices are typically charged by high street shops, there are plenty of online retailers who ask too much for their products. As different websites sell nearly identical pieces at different prices, do some research to find shops where prices are reasonable.

Anyone who has ever shopped online knows there are great jewelry websites selling top quality pieces at budget-friendly prices and unreliable shops where products are overpriced and never arrive in branded gift boxes. However, these are by no means the only criteria for telling a good retailer from a bad one. Security is also a cause for concern.

How To Avoid Bad Jewelry Sites: Part 2

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