A traditional Christian cross with a circle overlying the points where the lines meet, this design has intrigued generations, and the symbol has been in use for centuries now. Celtic Rings Ltd has a beautiful selection of Celtic cross necklaces for men and women. Every piece comes with its own chain and luxury packaging. Each necklace is handcrafted here in Ireland but we ship to the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Europe and Asia.

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From $65.00

This traditional Celtic cross design is double sided. Handmade with the finest 925 Sterling silver, Trinity and Celtic knot designs were used to decorate each arm. 

From $77.00

Cubic zirconia add some sparkle to this Celtic cross. Crafted from Sterling silver with Trinity knots designs on each arm of the cross, the halo is encrusted with sparkling CZ stones. 

From $92.00

A truly stunning Celtic cross. Handmade from Sterling silver, Trinity knots are displayed throughout. The circle is encrusted with sparkling cubic zirconias.

From $63.00

The cross is crafted using the traditional style, engraved within each section is the ancient Trinity knot designs. Handmade using the finest Sterling silver. 

From $92.00

This beautiful Celtic cross is crafted from Sterling silver. The centerpiece is an emerald-like stone that is made all the more prominent with the gold plated border.

From $145.00

The classic Celtic cross design with five emerald-like stones. Celtic knot designs cover the cross face. Meticulously handcrafted in Ireland by skilled Irish artisans. 

From $62.00

An elegant Sterling silver Claddagh Cross. Styled like a Celtic cross, it bears the Claddagh emblem in the center.

From $78.00

A stunning yellow gold plated heart is the centerpiece of this wonderful Sterling silver Claddagh Cross. The classic Celtic cross design is used seamlessly with the meaningful Claddagh emblem. 

From $115.00

An unspoken story of faith, loyalty, friendship, and love forever with golden emphasis on friendship and loyalty. The Claddagh ring melds perfectly into the weave of the Trinity knot designed cross.

From $69.00

On the sea of spiritual navigation, we often employ a number of symbols to help guide us through the realm of the unknown. One such figure is the equal-armed Celtic cross, which indicates the human desire to examine the unfolding mystery of life. 

From $85.00

Celtic symbols are rich with meaning, and this large Trinity knot cross is no exception. The arms of the cross offer four ways to ascension and an invitation to form an intimate relationship with self, nature, wisdom, and God. Further significance is implied in the Trinity knots of this piece.

From $89.00

Each arm of the Celtic cross is emblematic of a branch of higher wisdom, while the circular center is indicative of the unification of the four elements and serves as the focus of our spiritual destination. This ethereal compass guides us to a place of unity and wholeness. 

From $50.00

A lovely little hand-crafted trinket. The traditional Celtic cross is decorated with pressed knot-work highlighting the cross and a complimenting, pristine winding weave about the circle. 

From $303.00

From $355.00

Various Celtic crosses that can be found all over Ireland are the inspiration behind this large replication. Beautiful and handmade, this piece of Celtic history is not only classic but a favorite among modern trends.

From $105.00

The Celtic crosses circle, with ridged texture and artfully placed dainty spheres centered in each arm of the cross brings focus and frame to the delightful little gem.

From $500.00

This classic replica with the dazzling flawless art of woven Celtic knots and textures boldly encompasses it all. In the center knot which makes a tiny cross itself is a dainty, vivid, emerald complimenting the design perhaps for luck or prosperity.

From $300.00

The circle is enhanced as well with an intricate spiral weave that creates a texture as well that glints light in stunning compliment to four rich, glimmering emeralds flashing the favored green of the Irish. 

From $320.00

Green is regarded as the most natural and elemental of the liturgical colors so, it comes as no surprise that lively, lucky, rich emeralds are chosen to compliment Celtic crosses so well.

From $440.00

The intricate knots even come together to form another beautiful flora-like cross in the center. The ridge textured circle actually appears placed forth of the cross and is even accentuated at the center of each arm with rich, vivid emeralds.

From $426.00

A piece that captures the classic cultural aspects of the ancient Celts, this cross is formed in the traditional fashion that has become so iconic throughout the centuries. 

From $66.00

This one is intricately engraved with striking, light catching, Trinity knots and a dainty weave about its circle. This aesthetic bespoke Celtic Cross is available in 10k gold and includes an 18 inch chain.

From $55.00

Boast Celtic pride with Trinity knots extending the lengths of the cross in flawless weaves that meet an elegantly curved diamond shape in the center. Four simple swirls decorate this crosses circle in harmony with the rest of pressed engravings.

From $55.00

This aesthetic bespoke Celtic Cross is Sterling Silver and includes an 18 inch chain. It is also nestled in a luxury presentation box. This High cross will look great and be loved by him or her!

From $260.00

Timeless and elegant this Celtic cross is not molded nor pressed but filigree. A special technique of actually weaving threads of medal artfully. The hand-craftsmanship of the design is polished and flawless, as Celtic knots tend to be.

From $476.00

The size of this traditional piece allows for the filigree of knots to be just thick enough to remain bold yet still airy enough to see through. The excellent hand-craftsmanship shows flawless symmetry.

From $500.00

True to most Celtic weaves it is seamless and difficult to follow with the eyes, giving the feeling of infinite. This larger pendant looks great hanging loosely alone from a chain or perhaps layered with a few other pendants in modern trend. 

From $85.00

A new take on the meaningful Saint Brigid's cross. Handcrafted from Sterling silver, this cross has a gold plated centerpiece to bring it to life.

From $76.00

The woven center of this Saint Brigid's cross is rose gold plated whilst the rest is Sterling silver. Brigid of Kildare is a patron saint of Ireland. 

From $285.00

Saint Brigid’s Cross. Originally made from rushes or straw these crosses were weaved from a square in the center and four radials were tied at the ends. They were commonly hung in kitchens to ward off fire and or evil.

From $195.75

A stunning flawlessly detailed tribute to St. Brigid, this perfectly polished cross is centered with a gloriously radiant diamond. A most simple tradition turned into a beautiful delicate charm that makes a great conversation piece.

From $500.00

Honoring St. Brigid of Kildare, this glistening charms hand-craftsmanship boasts such clear detail that depicts the rushes or straw that was originally used to make such crosses traditionally.

From $195.75

Quality hand-craftsmanship and exquisite detail gives this the cross the texture and appearance of the rushes or straw that were traditionally weaved into these crosses to be hung in the kitchen for warding against fire and evil.

From $125.00

For a taste of something a bit smaller, or delicate, yet maintaining perfect detail and craftsmanship, this dainty Celtic cross is a sure fit. The amazing quality of the Celtic knot engravings upon the cross is almost surprising.

From $55.00

The intricate engravings on this bold Celtic cross glints the light eye-catching and the slightly different texture of the circle is just enough to set it apart from the cross adding to its overall beauty.

From $495.00

A radiant golden representation of Duleek's cross, which is well known for its combination of Celtic and Christian art. This Duleek cross is centered by a polished, gleaming sphere that brings out the various star-like intricate texturing surrounding it.

From $110.00

A polished o-ring secures this special piece to a delicate Belcher chain. The combination is quite lovely and can be worn with anything, even complimenting other chains and pendants. 

From $65.00

The cross has the most delicate mesmerizing lattice making this an irresistible piece of art. It is truly stunning in all its available forms, silver, 10k and 14k gold with a matching delicate chain. 

From $65.00

The engravings of the cross itself are so detailed you can see easily a triskelion, a symbol that grants a feeling of constant forward motion upon sight. Even the outer circle, that which makes a cross a Celtic cross, is intricately textured.

From $76.00

Delicate, airy and elegant, this is a cross of tradition, meaning and legend. Enchanting Trinity knots make up the four parts of the cross itself. The center is a heart of gold encompassing the legend of the Claddagh symbol. 

From $55.00

The beautiful legend of lovers parted, the Claddagh symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship, as represented by the heart, crown and hands respectively. beautifully tied in with the ancient Trinity knot design.

From $65.00

A vibrant, stunning traditional Celtic cross crafted in Sterling silver. Each arm of the cross is decorated with a Trinity knot engraving. Handcrafted in Ireland by highly skilled Irish artisans.

From $55.00

Classic and traditional, yet modern and trendy, the Celtic cross has Trinity knots elegantly engraved within each arm. An aft set circle with infinite spiraling weave that catches the eye on both sides of this pendant!

From $105.00

The eye catching heart of this cross bears an intricately encircled, yellow gold Trinity knot. Fringing the circle about the golden center are petite clusters of scintillating diamonds, drawing the eye from the ends of the polished silver cross.

From $195.00

This modernized variation of the classic Celtic cross is a piece cast in gold, and shaped in the graceful and intricate weave of the Trinity knot. This ancient symbol has become a long time popular design in Ireland.

From $89.00

The Claddagh design courses through the cross with the heart as the centerpiece. The Claddagh CZ Cross with gold plated heart is as unique as it is beautiful. 

From $55.00

Looking for something small, simple, yet elegant and unique? This seamless weave of Trinity knots makes just the right sized little cross. Perfectly polished silver or gold make the setting for a glistening emerald.

From $145.00

The heart of this airy pendant is a rich, glistening emerald that plays well off the yellow gold Trinity knots. The knots seem to float within each section of the delicate silver cross.

From $147.00

Four gold plated Trinity knots form this cross. A halo border is encrusted with pave set diamonds. The centerpiece is a brilliant emerald. Crafted from the finest Sterling silver, the Celtic Trinity diamond & emerald cross is sure to delight.

From $120.00

An intricately beautiful Celtic cross, four diamonds and five emeralds are expertly set to form a cross in the center. The piece is finished with a gold plated triquetra and the circular border.

From $157.00

A breathtaking representation of the Celtic cross. This stunning piece is brought to life with a host of sparkling white Swarovski® crystals. The Trinity knot design is incorporated into each arm of the cross. 

From $167.00

Encrusted with white sparkling Swarovski® crystals, this cross has a gold plated Trinity knot in each arm of the cross. The piece is finished with a deep emerald green crystal in the center.

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