If you are Irish or just love the styles and symbols found in Celtic jewellery, you're sure to find the ring you're looking for with us. From the Celtic Knot rings to the Newgrange Spirals, each Celtic ring here depicts a piece of Irish art and history.

Whether you are choosing sterling silver Celtic knot rings or Celtic gold rings Celtic-WeddingRings.com has many beautiful styles to select from.

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This alluring complex design is a unique ring to give to a woman. The Celtic knot is formed by a serpent entangling itself around the band; although the whole band was not covered to give room for re-sizing.

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This Celtic symbol man ring is great for the guy who not only loves Celtic heritage but also loves detailed jewelry. This ring, available in white gold, yellow gold, or silver, has been detailed with a serpent forming the Celtic knot symbol around the band.

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This ladies ring is a remarkable display of incredible craftsmanship. The band is comprised of intricate Celtic knots, and adorned with a center piece of spirals and diamonds. It is one elaborate design.

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This ring is absolutely beautiful and incredibly unique. The open design creates an antique feel to this Celtic ring. The engraved symbols on the end make this ring like no other. It is ideal for anyone that likes to be bold in their jewelry purchases.

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This open-ended Celtic ring was inspired by the torqs that were actually worn as fashion statements by the Celts between 500 B.C. and the 7th century A.D. This type of jewelry was commonly seen on depictions of Celtic gods and goddesses.

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This unique fraternity ring is great for that person who not only loves to be like no one else, but that also loves Celtic symbols. Two Trinity symbols are on the left and right of the 10 x 8 mm emerald at the center of this ring.

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This Celtic knot ring has been designed using two snakes to create the knot and its head ends and the front of the ring. This leads to the vibrant emerald setting directly at the center of this ring. It is a design that could be worn for any occasion or reason.

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Peridot is the birthstone of August, but it is also known for being important in understanding the matters of the heart - particularly heartbreak. It is also supposed to allow the wearer to have a clear understanding of destiny and purpose along with releasing negative vibrations.

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The lion in Celtic history was deemed an animal of warrior status. It was often displayed on warrior's shields and on coats or armor. It was viewed in the same way as the dragon. This hand-crafted ring shares some of those ancients thoughts with modern culture. 

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The Celtic cross was used long before the arrival of Christianity. The four points were used to represent several things including the four elements, compass directions, and the parts of man - mind, body, soul, and heart. 

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This slim women's ring has been designed with the Celtic Warrior Shield. This symbol is most commonly known for being on the Ardagh chalice - an important relic in Celtic history. It was also a symbol found on Celtic shields when warriors went into battle.

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The Celtic Warrior symbol was an important part of Celtic heritage. Celts would don these symbols on their shields during battles with enemies. It is also found on an important piece of Celtic archaeology, the Ardagh Chalice.

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This Celtic Warrior Shield women's ring makes an excellent wedding band for the couple with an appreciation for Celtic heritage. The symbol on this ring is the same one that can be seen on the Ardagh Chalice, which dates back to the 8th century.

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This is the same symbol that can be seen on the Ardagh Chalice - an important relic in Celtic history. The detailed designed combined with the twin trim makes this a beautiful band for either fashion purposes or to wear as a wedding ring.

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This is a stunning display of modern craftsmanship creating the designs of the past. This ring has been designed with the Celtic Warrior Shield, which is still available for viewing on the Ardagh Chalice. It was also believed to be a symbol Celtic warriors would wear into battle.

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With the engravings of the Celtic Warrior Shield, this ring is an immaculate design of modern display of Celtic heritage. This symbol was found on the Ardagh Chalice that is now displayed in the National Museum of Ireland. It shows the amazing metalwork that the Celts possessed.

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Anyone looking to make a bold fashion statement and proudly show off their love of Celtic heritage will absolutely adore this ring. The intricate Warrior Shield design that has been worked into this ring is the same one that can be seen on the Ardagh Chalice. 

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The Celtic Warrior shield can be seen in detail on this 7mm ring. The symbol is the same one that can currently be seen on the Ardagh Chalice that dates back to the 8th century. This symbol was also one of several that Celts would wear when entering into battle.

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A Celtic Warrior Shield ring that will really get attention is this 9mm white gold band with twin trims available in yellow gold. The design has been crafted to display an important symbol in Celtic history. Men and women alike will love how visible the artwork is on this ring.

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This sterling silver Warrior Cross ring is an excellent representation of the pride that comes with having a Celtic background. The detailing on this ring is the same that can be seen on the Ardagh Chalice - an important relic in Celtic history dating back to the 8th century.

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This beautifully designed sterling silver ring creatively turns itself into a Trinity knot. The simplistic and intricate manufacturing of this ring is ideal to look at. It would make a great gift not only for those who know the symbols history, but also for those who like fashion.

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Jewelry with real meaning

Celtic Expression

Celtic rings can help you display your pride in your heritage. A silver Celtic ring can express your love for the man or woman in your life. Celtic gold rings are often used in place of the more traditional wedding band. These rings, silver and white gold, in an assortment of styles can also be used as a less traditional wedding ring. The Claddagh, a style of Celtic ring, is the traditional symbol of love, friendship and loyalty. Trinity knots are also very popular Celtic rings.

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Special Design

The designs incorporated on some of these rings span back over 5,000 years, from a culture steeped in spiritual mystery. This section contains the finest Irish rings, including authentic silver Celtic rings, which serve as beautiful adornments for any occasion. Some of our Celtic silver rings might be considered special occasion jewelry. We do, however, carry an excellent selection of silver rings and Celtic gold rings that are perfect for everyday wear.

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Celtic-WeddingRings.com has been creating rings, silver and gold, for more than 25 years. All of our jewelry is designed with your satisfaction in mind. We are so sure that you will love your Celtic silver rings that every purchase comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. These rings, as well as all of our jewelry are created in and shipped from Ireland. Not find what you were looking for? Check out our Celtic wedding ring and Claddagh wedding ring collections.

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