If you are of Celtic decent or just love the styles and symbols found in Celtic jewelry, you're sure to find the perfect Celtic knot ring with us. From the famous Celtic knots to the ancient Newgrange spirals, each ring depicts a piece of Celtic art and history.

Whether your preference is sterling silver, 10k or 14K gold; Celtic Rings Ltd have many beautiful styles to choose from. All handmade in Ireland and shipped worldwide.

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From $80.00

The Eternal Celtic knot ring consists of an infinite Celtic knot design, representing eternal love. Carefully crafted by hand, then tested and hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office.

From $299.00

The eternal Celtic knot ring with trim is a standout piece of jewelry. An infinite Celtic knot design enclosed by two contrasting rims. Or you can choose the same coloured rims for that single tone look.

From $3415.00

The eye-catching Eternal Celtic knot ring with diamond trim is a joy to behold. A thick Celtic knot design runs continuously forming the central gold band. 

From $75.00

This ring incorporates the historical significance of Newgrange into seemingly effortless fluidity. Perfect for the novice prehistorian in your life, it fashionably preserves the antiquities of those who came before us. Available in silver, 10k or 14k yellow gold, and 14k white gold.

From $55.00

Functional and alluring, this Celtic knot band shows no signs of a observable beginning or end. Held solidly in place by a robust band, the pattern features a variety of twisting, knotted lines for the wandering eye to behold. 

From $65.00

The Celtic knot is a symbolic indication that the cycle of life never fully ends and that each individual life is a strand woven in the fabric of time. Associated with eternity, this lovely Celtic knot ring will endure just as the meaning behind it has done for millennia. 

From $210.00

Introducing the Sterling silver and 10k gold Trinity knot ring with diamond. This elegant ring combines modern design with ancient symbolism. Handcrafted by skilled Irish artisans, this ring is the perfect sweetheart gift. 

From $70.00

This Sterling silver ring uses Irish marble to highlight the ancient Trinity knot design. Handcrafted in Ireland with care and attention to detail, this wonderful ring makes for a perfect accessory to any green outfit. The marble Trinity knot ring comes with a luxurious presentation box.

From $95.00

Handcrafted from the finest Sterling silver, the Trinity knot is encrusted with sparkling cubic zirconia. A sleek, modern design is used to portray the ancient Celtic symbol that is the Trinity knot.

From $59.00

Make the luck of the Irish your own with this double shamrock ring! The open design features two shamrocks placed side by side and held together by a split border. Handcrafted in Ireland and presented in a luxurious box.

From $49.00

If you are accustomed to a more reserved look, then our craftsmen have designed just the ring for you! This classy Celtic band accentuates the simple symmetry of the central open knot, which is beset on both sides by a thin etched line and punctuated with a lustrous sheen. 

From $1095.00

This shimmering ring is certain to grab attention and win compliments. The handsome design features a continuous band of gold that tenderly hugs a .10ct brilliant cut diamond. The subtlety of the knot adds Irish tradition to contemporary design. 

From $85.00

Green cubic zirconia are used to create the famous shamrock design, the shank of the band is then encrusted with white sparkling zirconia. Crafted from the finest Sterling silver by Irish artisans and hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office.

From $85.00

Two Trinity knot designs are brought together to form the main focal point of the ring, further highlighted by two rails of encrusted zirconia to provide extra sparkle. Handmade in Ireland and hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office.

From $70.00

Sparkling white zirconia are encrusted on the two Trinity knot shoulders, which create the setting for the emerald-cut green zirconia center. Handcrafted from Sterling silver in Ireland.

From $144.75

The Celtic knot is the center of the design, creating a winding motif and providing dimension to this powerful ring, while a twisted cord border pattern flanks the Celtic knots on top and bottom, giving the ring its rugged frame and finishing the band.

From $420.95

This women's ring is a remarkable display of incredible craftsmanship. The band is comprised of intricate Celtic knots, and adorned with a center piece of spirals and diamonds. It is one elaborate design.

From $910.00

This beautifully timeless design features the traditional Celtic knot, favored by lovers for centuries because of its never-ending, intertwined design, and two shimmering channels of diamonds, the modern symbol of everlasting love, at the top and bottom of the band.

From $70.00

This sterling silver Celtic ring is an excellent representation of the pride that comes with having a Celtic background. The detailing on this ring is the same that can be seen on the Celtic shields and the Ardagh Chalice - an important relic in Celtic history dating back to the 8th century.

From $55.00

Peridot is the birthstone of August, but it is also known for being important in understanding the matters of the heart - particularly heartbreak. It is also supposed to allow the wearer to have a clear understanding of destiny and purpose along with releasing negative vibrations.

From $55.00

This ring displays the masterful creations that can be created with modern knowledge. This Celtic knot ring is amazingly simple and would be lovely on any woman's finger, but it still retains the immaculate complex design of the Celtic knot.

From $55.00

This beautifully designed sterling silver ring creatively turns itself into a Trinity knot. The simplistic and intricate manufacturing of this ring is ideal to look at. It would make a great gift not only for those who know the symbols history, but also for those who like fashion.

From $55.00

This intricately woven Trinity symbol ring is a beautiful symbol of eternal and endless love. The trinity or triquetra has no beginning or end and this often coincides with an endless continuation of life and love. 

From $93.00

This open-ended Celtic ring was inspired by the torcs that were actually worn as fashion statements by the Celts between 500 B.C. and the 7th century A.D. This type of jewelry was commonly seen on depictions of Celtic gods and goddesses.

From $93.00

This ring is absolutely beautiful and incredibly unique. The open design creates an antique feel to this Celtic ring. The engraved symbols on the end make this ring like no other. It is ideal for anyone that likes to be bold in their jewelry purchases.

From $99.00

This Celtic knot ring has been designed using two snakes to create the knot and its head ends and the front of the ring. This leads to the vibrant emerald setting directly at the center of this ring. It is a design that could be worn for any occasion or reason.

From $99.00

This alluring complex design is a unique ring to give to a woman. The Celtic knot is formed by a serpent entangling itself around the band; although the whole band was not covered to give room for re-sizing.

From $99.00

This Celtic symbol man ring is great for the guy who not only loves Celtic heritage but also loves detailed jewelry. This ring, available in white gold, yellow gold, or silver, has been detailed with a serpent forming the Celtic knot symbol around the band.

From $111.00

The Celtic cross was used long before the arrival of Christianity. The four points were used to represent several things including the four elements, compass directions, and the parts of man - mind, body, soul, and heart. 

From $117.00

The lion in Celtic history was deemed an animal of warrior status. It was often displayed on warrior's shields and on coats or armor. It was viewed in the same way as the dragon. This hand-crafted ring shares some of those ancients thoughts with modern culture. 

From $132.00

This unique fraternity ring is great for that person who not only loves to be like no one else, but that also loves Celtic symbols. Two Trinity symbols are on the left and right of the 10 x 8 mm emerald at the center of this ring.

From $123.00

The romantic Mo Anam Cara, or soulmate ring, is carefully crafted in Sterling silver and then oxidized to enhance the design. Handcrafted in Ireland and hallmarked by the Dublin Assays Office, this wonderful ring comes with luxury presentation box.

From $85.00

This Irish wedding ring was inspired by the Celtic shield found on the Ardagh Chalice. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to share thier Irish heritage with the world. This beautiful wedding band is handcrafted to order. It is also made with a "comfort fit" design, so it should feel good all the time.

From $515.00

The Irish wedding ring with trim was made to bring a little bit of Irish culture into a newlywed couple's life. The inspiration was taken from the beautiful Ardagh Chalice with the Irish warrior shield engraved into the band. It is combined with today's culture by combing the contrasting gold trimming. 

From $80.00

The warrior shield design on this narrow Irish wedding ring was inspired by the Ardagh Chalice. The famous chalice was rediscovered in 1868 and has been an important part of Irish culture ever since. It is believed it was used by the Irish during the twelfth century. We have used these very same designs to craft this modern women's wedding ring.

From $570.00

This narrow Irish wedding ring with trim was designed from the artwork found on the intricate Ardagh Chalice. The Irish warrior shield was discovered engraved on the chalice in 1868 and is believed to date back to the twelfth century. This narrow wedding ring is a very tasteful choice for anyone interested in Irish culture.

From $1120.00

This is a very special Celtic wedding ring featuring a Celtic warrior shield design carefully fashioned by our craftsmen and set with a single sparkling diamond. Choose from rich yellow gold or cool white gold.

From $1350.00

For this version of the beautiful Celtic diamond ring with trim, our craftsmen have enhanced the gold band with a sparkling diamond and then set it between two gold trims for a stunning look.

From $136.00

Handcrafted in Ireland by experienced artisans, the Irish knot ring displays a modern take on Irish rope knot design which is engraved around the entire band. The endless knot signifies the cycle of life and eternal love.

From $835.00

If you like the idea of an unusual wedding ring, this elegant Celtic wedding band could be the perfect choice! Our craftsmen have combined yellow and white gold and separated the two precious metals with the ancient design of the Celtic Spiral.

From $925.00

The most difficult part about choosing this beautiful Celtic wedding ring is selecting the type of gold. The design is the ancient Celtic spiral, six of these are set into the band which is then enhanced by a sparkling diamond.

From $925.00

For this elegant Celtic wedding ring, we have created the timeless Trinity knot design in six places on the band, then enhanced the ring with Celtic spirals. To complete the effect, a single sparkling diamond is set into the band.

From $90.00

Your lives are entwined for eternity, but your commitment does not diminish your individuality. Our sterling silver men’s Celtic knot band conveys this powerful message in its bold design and unique symbolism.

From $70.00

Our Sterling silver women's Celtic knot ring symbolizes both your individuality and your interconnectedness. Spanning the center channel of the band, the Celtic link knots feature a slightly diamond-shaped design paired with an endlessly interwoven pattern.

From $1466.00

This version of the diamond Trinity knot wedding ring combines traditional and modern design to stunning effect with rows of diamonds separating the Trinity knots. The look is enhanced in the two tone version, but is also available in all white gold.

From $1496.00

This beautiful Celtic knot wedding band is available in all white gold or two tone. The women's version is particularly stunning, featuring diamonds set into the the top and bottom of the beveled trims which surround the Celtic knot design.

From $96.00

This silver Trinity band is equally suitable for a man as a woman. This is a solid ring with the evocative Trinity knot showing clearly against the black background. The Trinity knot is said to represent three Celtic goddesses or the Holy Trinity.

From $110.00

This simple silver band with 10K yellow gold double Trinity symbol makes a great gift for any man or woman with an interest in Celtic and/or Christianity symbols. This symbol, also known as a triquetra, has had significant meanings over the course of history.

From $765.00

Your love is eternal and your souls intertwine. The phrase “I love you” comes as easily as breathing. With a single ring, our craftsmen have captured the spirit of your love and commitment.

From $80.00

Simple, but elegant, the Infinity knot ring represents togetherness in the true style of the endless Celtic-styled infinity knot. Handcrafted to order by Irish artisans, then sent to the Dublin Assays Office where it is tested and hallmarked.

From $425.00

The Infinity knot ring with trim is an ideal Celtic wedding ring. It features the classic endless Celtic infinity knot in gold, with the choice of an elegant trim on each side in a variety of options to suit your taste.

From $80.00

Simple, stylish and elegant is the best way to describe this beautiful Celtic wedding band which is a new addition to our range. It features continuous Trinity knots around the band and is available in white or yellow gold, or in two tone. 

From $300.00

A truly stunning Celtic wedding band, handcrafted with embossed Trinity knots surrounding the band and finished with a trim of choice. Choose from the vibrant all yellow gold, the cool all white gold, the eye-catching white gold with yellow trim.

From $775.00

For understated elegance choose this stunning Celtic wedding ring, featuring the timeless Trinity knot design. Choose from the richness of 14k yellow gold, or the cool look of 14k white gold. Handmade to order by experienced Irish artisans.

From $960.00

For this very special Celtic wedding band, our craftsmen have set the design of the Trinity knot into the band of the ring and separated each pattern with a cluster of sparkling diamonds, the center one being 0.12 cts. Handmade to order in Ireland and shipped worldwide.

From $905.00

This exquisite Trinity knot wedding ring is one of our more unusual styles. Our skilled craftsmen have created on the band the design of the Trinity knot, which can represent the father, the Son and the Holy ghost. Between each knot is a vivid green emerald, enhanced by diamond accent stones.

From $845.00

Simple, but stylishly elegant, this wedding ring has the design of the Trinity knot inset, which can symbolize the father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. To complete the look, our craftsmen have carefully set three single, beautiful diamonds into the band.

From $136.00

This is one of our most beautiful Celtic wedding rings, it features a polished Lovers knot design set against a contrasting matt finish background. You can choose from silver or yellow gold, in 10k. 

From $87.00

This simple but elegant eternity knot wedding ring features two intertwining woven lines which symbolize the intertwining forces of existence and eternal love.

From $80.00

This intricate filigree version of the Trinity knot, with all its symbolism of the Holy Trinity or the triple gods and goddesses of the ancient Celts, is a stunning example of the craftsmanship of our expert jewelry makers. It's available in both white and yellow gold. 

From $340.00

For this version of our popular gold Trinity knot wedding band, we have set the central intricate filigree knot band in between trims of either matching gold, or contrasting gold for a striking two tone effect. Handmade in Ireland and worldwide shipping.

From $885.00

This Infinity knot wedding ring has a Celtic twist design set with a string of sparkling diamonds for a truly exquisite look. Although this is a traditional Celtic pattern, the style looks up to date and will appeal to many modern brides.

From $1115.00

For this beautifully styled Infinity diamond ring, our craftsmen have created a traditional Celtic twist design in gold and set it with sparkling diamonds. It is then enhanced with trim on each side.

From $87.00

Our craftsmen have taken the simple and timeless Celtic knot design and fashioned it into this elegant pierced Celtic wedding ring. The design represents the relationship between love and life, making it the ideal wedding band!

From $270.00

With the pierced Celtic knot ring with trim, our craftsmen have taken the elegant and timeless Celtic knot, fashioned it into a gold pierced design and set it between contrasting gold trims, to make a truly beautiful Celtic wedding ring. As with all our rings, it will show the hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office.

From $75.00

If the Celtic knot holds a special place in your heart, then this wedding band could be the perfect choice for you and your partner. Our talented jewelers have crafted a glowing, endless stream of open knot work for you to place on your beloved's hand. 

From $475.00

Commonly found in stone art, tattoos, and ancient manuscripts, the Celtic knot has proven to be the most enduring motif in Ireland''s long history. The perpetual looping of the design suggests eternity and interconnectedness, making it the ideal wedding ring. 

From $525.00

The side-by-side, endless knots of our contemporary narrow Celtic wedding ring are reminiscent of the parallel placement that you and your love will occupy as you navigate the challenges of the world together.

From $1395.00

Introducing our contemporary Celtic band with a two-tone twist! This spectacular ring features an open, double-knot, yellow gold design framed by a glorious white gold border. With no discernible beginning or end, the Celtic knot is a tried and true symbol of eternal love.

From $75.00

Reminiscent of the lemniscate, the ancient symbol for infinity, this wide Celtic wedding ring was designed with eternity in mind. The fluid, central spiral has no beginning or end, suggesting a limitless flow of both spirituality and love. 

From $475.00

Sacred geometry employs various shapes and figures to act as visual correlations of numerically meaningful ideas. For example, the figure eight oriented horizontally is often used to represent infinity. Such was the inspiration for our wide Celtic wedding ring with trim. 

From $785.00

Water-related imagery is an iconic theme in Celtic art, and deep symbolism can be found in our glimmering narrow dome wedding band. The hand-etched surface conveys any number of associations with water: the moon and tides, birth and fertility. 

From $1045.00

The Celtic weave design is said to be inspired by Irish rivers. Rivers have long played a symbolic role in Celtic history and mythology. For instance, two of Ireland's greatest rivers, the Boyne and the Shannon, are so named after legendary goddesses. 

From $1545.00

Irish literature and legend is rife with stories portraying the importance of water and rivers in everyday life. Symbolically, water is used as vehicle of cleansing that washes away guilt. It can also represent the origins of life and a regeneration of the spirit. 

From $3620.00

The 14K white gold women's Sapphire Shield Ring with Diamond Trim is set with three sapphires in a white gold band. It is finished off with diamond filled white gold rails on each side.

From $3590.00

The 14K two-tone gold women's Ruby Shield Ring with Diamond Trim is set with three rubies in a gold band. It is finished off with diamond filled white gold rails on either side.

From $3590.00

The 14K two-tone gold women's Celtic Shield Ring with Diamond Trim comprises of a gold band with intricate detail and is finished off with diamond filled rails on each side.

From $920.00

Introducing the 14K white gold women's Celtic Shield Ring with Sapphires. The D shaped white gold band is set with three sapphires and yellow gold light rims on either side.

From $920.00

Introducing the 14K white gold women's Celtic Shield Ring with Ruby. The D shaped band is set with three rubies and light rims on either side.

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