Celtic warrior rings, symbolic of eternal love and loyalty, are a visible acknowledgement of both faith and commitment. For that special wedding day, or as a means of expressing your love for each other, what better than an authentic Celtic warrior ring? These wedding bands can be a beautiful statement of both your love and your heritage.

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This Irish wedding ring was inspired by the Irish Warrior shield found on the Ardagh Chalice. This is a great choice for anyone who wants to share thier Irish heritage with the world. This beautiful wedding band is handcrafted to order. It is also made with a "comfort fit" design, so it should feel good all the time.

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The Irish wedding ring with trim was made to bring a little bit of Irish culture into a newlywed couple's life. The inspiration was taken from the beautiful Ardagh Chalice with the Irish warrior shield engraved into the band. It is combined with today's culture by combing the contrasting gold trimming. 

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The warrior shield design on this narrow Irish wedding ring was inspired by the Ardagh Chalice. The famous chalice was rediscovered in 1868 and has been an important part of Irish culture ever since. It is believed it was used by the Irish during the twelfth century. We have used these very same designs to craft this modern women's wedding ring.

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This narrow Irish wedding ring with trim was designed from the artwork found on the intricate Ardagh Chalice. The Irish warrior shield was discovered engraved on the chalice in 1868 and is believed to date back to the twelfth century. This narrow wedding ring is a very tasteful choice for anyone interested in Irish culture.

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This is a very special Celtic wedding ring featuring a Celtic warrior shield design carefully fashioned by our craftsmen and set with a single sparkling diamond. Choose from rich yellow gold or cool white gold.

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For this version of the beautiful Celtic diamond ring with trim, our craftsmen have enhanced the gold band with a sparkling diamond and then set it between two gold trims for a stunning look.

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This slim women's ring has been designed with the Celtic Warrior Shield. This symbol is most commonly known for being on the Ardagh chalice - an important relic in Celtic history. It was also a symbol found on Celtic shields when warriors went into battle.

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This is a stunning display of modern craftsmanship creating the designs of the past. This ring has been designed with the Celtic Warrior Shield, which is still available for viewing on the Ardagh Chalice. It was also believed to be a symbol Celtic warriors would wear into battle.

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The Celtic Warrior symbol was an important part of Celtic heritage. Celts would don these symbols on their shields during battles with enemies. It is also found on an important piece of Celtic archaeology, the Ardagh Chalice.

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With the engravings of the Celtic Warrior Shield, this ring is an immaculate design of modern display of Celtic heritage. This symbol was found on the Ardagh Chalice that is now displayed in the National Museum of Ireland. It shows the amazing metalwork that the Celts possessed.

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Anyone looking to make a bold fashion statement and proudly show off their love of Celtic heritage will absolutely adore this ring. The intricate Warrior Shield design that has been worked into this ring is the same one that can be seen on the Ardagh Chalice. 

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A Celtic Warrior Shield ring that will really get attention is this 9mm white gold band with twin trims available in yellow gold. The design has been crafted to display an important symbol in Celtic history. Men and women alike will love how visible the artwork is on this ring.

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A ring does not get more stunning than this one. At 10 mm the Celtic Warrior Shield symbol is proudly displayed. This symbols is the same one seen on the Ardagh Chalice. It was also one of the symbols used by the Celts when they would enter into battle.

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Warrior Rings

With a Warrior ring, I thee wed...

Celtic Tradition

These Celtic warrior rings keep the traditional look and retain their elegance and beauty to stand out among the rest. Each warrior band has a distinctive pattern that adds to the overall beauty of the ring. Each beautifully designed wedding ring carries the hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office.

Celtic Knot Pattern

For Her and For Him

Our Celtic warrior bands for men and women are beautiful and crafted to meet the highest quality standards. Many of our rings have a strong and masculine look that any husband would be proud to wear. The women's styles of rings are lovely and feminine. There are matching wedding bands for men and women or, if you prefer, there are also complementary styles.

His & Hers Wedding Rings

Without Words

Men's warrior rings, as well as women's, are symbolic of love and loyalty. Wearing any of these rings can signify a committed and loving relationship just as beautifully as they can be a symbol of marriage.

If you are having difficulty choosing the perfect wedding band contact Celtic Rings Ltd by mail, phone or email for assistance. We would be happy to help you.

Wedding Doves

Interested in more Celtic Warrior Jewelry?

Why stop at warrior wedding rings? We have created a massive collection of Celtic Warrior jewelry for you to choose from. Everything bangles to cufflinks all handcrafted in Ireland by experienced Irish artisans. Every piece is then tested and hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office and delivered in luxorious original presentation boxes. Unlock the warrior within with a beautiful Celtic warrior pendant or match your new wedding bands with some spectacular warrior earrings. There are lots to choose from so why wait, visit our Celtic Warrior Collection now!

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