How To Avoid Bad Jewelry Sites: Part 2

In this section we look at how best to avoid being scammed when buying jewelry online. Unfortunately, online fraud can become a very real risk if not vigilant.

The Internet is never going to be a secure place, whether you shop for jewelry or chat with friends out there. Over half of all websites tested lately by the non-profit Trustworthy Internet Movement (TIM) were using versions of security protocols that are regarded by the international community as compromised. Jewelry websites might be among those.

Internet Safety

Over half of all websites tested recently were using compromised security protocols.

Why are you in danger?

Although most online consumers are not very much concerned about Internet safety when shopping for cheap items, purchasing a piece of jewelry worth a few hundreds or thousands is a high-risk activity. Your personal and financial information may become available to hackers and scammers, if, for instance, a compromised version of the popular Security Sockets Layer (SSL) technology is used by the site you are buying from.

What poses the risk?

SSL is a widely known automated tool aimed to protect credit card numbers and other valuable data as they travel across the Internet but some of its versions have not passed the security test. Since hack attacks, data breaches and poor security may hit share prices considerably, reliable online jewellers have their security tools upgraded on a regular basis so it is safe to shop on their sites.

How does communication become insecure?

Another focus of TIM these days are certificate authorities which guarantee that a certain website is secure and safe to use. In 2011 two of them – DigiNotar and GlobalSign – were found unreliable. This means they let numerous cyber attackers eavesdrop on what was considered secure communication on a number of websites. You can be well-protected from cyber crime and identity theft only if you buy from reliable websites which use high-end security technologies approved by reliable bodies.

Anyone who has ever purchased jewelry online knows a good site should not only be secure, offer quality products at reasonable prices and provide great customer service but also deliver products on time.

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